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Monday, December 3, 2012

Daniele's essay.

I had to do an essay on Dance (a subject that I chose) for my "Critical Thinking" Online Course. I had to make a summary of what the essay was, and this is it.
I chose my topic because I wanted to show my true passion. What dance means to me is pretty explanatory in my essay, but a summary would be that I love dance and it means the world to me.
I love dance because it is both entertaining and educational! My love for dance is everlasting because it truly fascinates me. Dance can be entertaining through choreography, styles and dancer personalities.  A person can learn a lot about music, culture and history from dance.
There are different choreographers that have different preferences for designing their routines. Choreography is just a big word for dance moves put together. There are a handful of different styles of dance for example: Tango, Contemporary and Hip Hop just to name a few. When you are dancing you portray different personalities that go with the story behind the dancing. If one could portray being a nerd, or even a lonely soul trying to find love. The different personalities the dancers portray can capture the attention of the audience, increasing entertainment value.
Each routine of dance involves a piece of music, which introduces all different genres of music. The history of dance represents background and heritage. For example Krump represents African American culture. Just as Contemporary has its own background, representing serenity and peace, but sometimes heartbreak.
I will always love dance. As for entertainment value, well what can I say? Dance is beyond entertaining, it’s extraordinary! If one keeps true to the backgrounds, heritage and ethnicity of dance one will always find dance educational.
*Daniele Gilbert*


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