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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Things that don't really matter anymore

As an industrious, type A woman. I like to look for the best. I have also traditionally leaned old fashioned, homemade, and natural, natural, natural, because I thought these things were the best. This year though, I have come to the conclusion that there are some methods of convenience that are quite alright with me. In my youth, I would have frowned upon or turned up my nose at such frival, but now, I am grateful as they allow me more free time to enjoy my children, serve at church, or spend some time for me. Here's a list of formerly tabou, but now my "friends" of daily living.
  1. paper plates...actually prefer styrofoam b/c I can rinse them and they are more durable (Yes, I know they are not environmentally friendly; however I have relieved myself of guilt b/c of the cloth diapers I used with all five children. Please don't try and burst my rationalized bubble)
  2. store bought, top shelf bread...for years I baked my own, then felt guilty for not baking my own. I would only buy the cheap stuff; however, there are so many top shelf brands now that produce healthy and relatively inexpensive bread, that I am quite alright buying a solid loaf. (I am aware I can make it for very cheap, but the time, energy, and pressure to get it done costs more than my 12-grain from Publix)
  3. jarred spaghetti sauce w/ ...gasp...frozen meatballs...yeah, yeah I used to only make homemade. That was great when the kids were little and I didn't teach so much, go to a zillion practices, and take my own classes. Now the 15 min. spaghetti dinner is PRICELESS and costs less than my personal red sauce recipe.
  4. (Don't read this T.R.) Frozen lasagna. Stouffer's can't touch me for taste, but it gets the job done and it requres ZERO preparation on my part. That's like a BOGO sale (buy one get one, just in case you don't know). Wal-mart brand is actually very inexpensive compared to Stouffer's and does the job with enchiladas, lasagna and ziti. Kids are happy with that and...
  5. Salad in a bag...we still add veggies, but the BOGO beats chopping lettuce. I add some baby greens (no cutting required) and we eat a salad at every meal.
  6. Canned enough, tasty, and EASY.
  7. Paper towels...only b/c my mom buys them for me. They are my favorite supply. Great for cleaning up the things you really don't want to touch, or will cause flashbacks the next time you see the rag that picked them up. GROSS!
  8. 7eleven cheeseburgers....they are surprisingly good, even if not calorie friendly.
  9. sweet tea...the nectar of God ;)
  10. Turkey bacon...really inexpensive, less fat, and tasty enough for me!
  11. Bisquick...pancakes and biscuits on the fly!
You see, seasons do change and right now, convenience is good enough. We are still healthy. We never go without eating. My budget is in tact and most importantly, my mind is at rest b/c I'm not spending an exorbitant amount of time in the kitchen, which works best for my current schedule.
There are some out there thinking, poor kids. She's letting them eat all that preserve filled blah blah blah blah. Yeah, I am. And we're okay. My kids are healthy, strong, and growing well. We eat more fruits and veggies than just about anyone we know and no, they're not entirely organic. But you know what, we are doing great and all of this works for us.
Something else valuable I've learned....what works best in my house is BEST in my house. Your mileage always varies and that's hunky dory with me :)
Love to my friends,

1 comment:

Homeschooling6 said...

I read somewhere that styrofoam is a better choice. I think it had something to do with less energy to make then paper plates =)
Because life is so hectic, shhhh, we are using paperplates because life is too short to wash a gazzilion dishes a day ;)

You do what you have to do, seasons change, and we need to be pliable to change with it. It's a good thing.

Raising children to be respectful, good, self thinkers, God fearing and kind to one another is more important to me, than making homemade bread and spagetti sauce.

I use to buy frozen biscuits.
P.S. I used cloth diapers and wipes too.


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