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I love the Lord as much as a broken person can; love and loved by my husband; blessed by 5 amazing little people who have helped me to learn much about me; grateful to serve even more as God gives them to me; blessed every day to be a home school teacher; college student; I hope to change the world by loving as many people as possible, because there is nothing greater than loving another.

Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Season for the lot of us -- lots of new seasonS really OR Where we are after 2011

Well, you may have noticed some pictures are gone from the sidebar. Yup, the Green family is no longer a part of Gilbert Academy, but will forever remain in my heart. I will miss referencing the Little League, as much as The Ax Man will miss The Ant in his daily play. I believe seasons change and my life has brought forward the courage my "adopted daughter" needed to move forward. Neccesity being the "mother of invention" if you know what I mean. Her boys are in descent schools and off to Head Start for the A-bomb. They will continue in my daily prayers. Love doesn't move on, it endures forever. Having their family here stretched me and taught me more that I could have ever taught them. Most of all, I got a test drive in having an adult child. I am grateful for every day, every test, every smile, every moment. May God's speed drive this family towards greatness. May the seeds planted bloom into historic oaks in their spirits. I praise God for the opportunity and honor to serve Him through them. I'll miss you guys. I already do.
As for me, my marriage is in a separation. The first time in 16+ years I have been apart from my husband in this way. This is the first proclamation of that. I'm sick and scared and praying fervently that we will reunite. Please pray for our reconciliation and healing.We both have things to fix. We both need God's grace to get through this. I will be in school full time starting January 9, 2012. 4 classes will test my character in many ways, as I continue on the home schooling journey and work to serve my community. Tough times ahead, but freedom on the horizon when my goals are met, my marriage is healed, and I get past this short term of business. Sometimes, life is harder than other times. This is but a season. This is but a season. This is but a season.
Rockin' Out Guitar Dude will begin classes at the local 4-year university. 1/2 time with me and 1/2 time there. He's excited. Me, too. I am feeling the heart tug as my baby boy is C.l.e.a.r.l.y a young man who doesn't really need his momma much. I thought I was ready, but my heart is crying out for him. I truly understand the sage counsel of "enjoy every moment" because when they pass, they are gone forever and I miss the boy who lived down the hall and has moved into his own room, affectionately called, "The Dorm." I am, though, SO PROUD. While he will remain imperfect, he is one heck of a good young man...and he makes me look better than I am. I thank God for him. I am a blessed momma.
Bard is in the do-or-die period of school. Something about 14 year old boys gravitates toward lazy. I am pleased to report he is moving past that, so we have a semester to determine when he will follow his brothers footsteps and head to college himself. I look forward to this, but am happy to have some deeper time with this one. If he could see the potential in him that I see; see what God has in store for him; it would be a life changer for the both of us. I am proud of him, too. He just doesn't understand how being in the box can be a good thing. That's a great prayer for appreciate the box. He has joined his brother on the local high school track team. I see great things in store for him, there. It takes a special kind of diligence to run so far for so long. GOD'S SPEED PACKERS!
Lil' Mother is fabulous as always. Growing up too fast for my tastes, she looks like a 16-18 year old and she's only 13. She's tender and beautful and I thank God for her. She continues to do "her" diligently in school and has thrived in sports this year. She and her sister joined the local Christian schools soccer team and are working toward playing softball there, too. She is a fine young lady who is strong in her faith and has taken to sleeping in a's that 14 thing, I suppose ;)
Darling yet Diva....the name explains it all. This girl wants to be "big" so badly. She is on her way physically, but her body is well behind her attitude. Guuuurrrrllll (roll your neck when you say it). Yeah, she's me all over and ya'll know how painful that can be. She is giving, compassionate, beautiful, and loves being with her friends. This one keeps me on my knees. So much power in that little body, I pray it is ALWAYS used for God's glory.
The Ax Man is starting to grow up....PRAISE GOD! I admit, he's my spoiled baby. Totally my fault. He's 9.5 and regulary acts 7, but the signs of maturity are peaking through the cracks and he is doing very well in school. Seeing that "click" in school indicates the rest is on the way. He is content to play baseball and build legos all day, fitting in school to his good pleasure. He is bored like crazy since the demise of the Little League, but it has been good for him. He appreciates (albeit too late) what he had and it has humbled my spoiled little boy. He's gonna be alright. He still snuggles and begs to sleep with me, which I do not allow, but sure wish I could. Instead, we snuggle on the couch throughout the day. He's a sweet little boy under the tough exterior. That's to be expected, I suppose, as the baby of five dear children.
So, that's been our year. School, more school, higher education, loss, gain, joy and pain. Through it all, Christ remains Christ and that is always enough at the end of the road. May your 2012 be spirit filled. Much love, Blogland friends. Much love. He blesses me, lifts me, loves me over and over and over again.

Welcome 2012

Oh, friends. It's been a full year. I have witnessed new marriage and broken marriage. Life and death. New babies and children sent to heaven before their parents. Personal triumphs and epic failures. The changing of lifes seasons that brought tears of joy and sorrow. Through it all, one thing remains constant: Jesus is Lord and I am blessed.
While blogging time is limited, I had to drop in and share this song because It couldn't be closer to the truth.
I pray that each of you can say the same as you strive for the just the right prescription in 2012. Love to you all. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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