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Friday, September 2, 2011

Week in Review 8/29/11--9/2/11 Grammar School Highlights version ;)

Just thought I'd share one thing from each subject this week for brevity and something new :)
Grammar school science continued with our flight study. Here are some narrations. My Ker did his best narration yet! This weeks lesson came from Apologia's/Fulbright's Flying Creature of the Fifth Day.

AtG: Birds run and flap their wings to take off. Birds use their wings to steer. They can also use their turns to do sharp turns. Birds flap their wings really fast and keep them straight out to glide. Birds go around and around when soaring.

The Ant:
       Some birds, when they take off, they run a little bit and then jump and start flapping their wings. Hawks don’t go on the ground that much, so they go on a cliff or tree branch and jump off, flap their wings and take off. They need air pressure to take off, so when they go to fly, they face where the air is coming it hits their wings and uses the shape of the airfoil.
          When a bird is flying, it uses its wings to steer, but when it goes to make a sharp turn, it uses its tail like a rudder. It can flap one wing faster than the other one and it can tilt.
          Birds flap their wings to get up in the air. Gliding is when they flap their wings, then stop flapping to save energy. Soaring is when heat waves (thermals) come up and lift the bird, carrying it through the air; birds don’t have to flap. 

Ax Man:
When the bird takes off it faces the wind because it wants to use air pressure for lift. Some birds are faster at take off because they have to be careful of predators. Some birds, like swans, have to run around the pond to create air pressure. Smaller birds, since they’re not as heavy, can jump up and go flying into the air. Hawks usually don’t land on the ground, so they go on tree branches and jump into the air because they’re so high.
          Birds steer by tilting side to side. They use their tail like a rudder for sharp turns. Sometimes, they flap one wing faster than the other to turn a certain way.
          Birds glide because they flap their wings hard and take a break by keeping their wings straight out, using a little energy. Soaring is when birds use the heat waves (thermals) to move around. Vultures, when they’re circling around are on heat waves and are looking for food. The difference between soaring and gliding is when they’re soaring, they’re riding on thermals and when they’re gliding, they use flapping as their power. 
Here are some pictures from our flyer fun.  

Art was brief this week, as there was a lot of copywork, so we will continue with a "master piece" next week.

The Phonics Road brought more spelling words, adverbs, and more prepositions, with the usual dictation and sentence parsing. The boys are really doing a great job of remembering all they've learned and are writing so much in science and history. I LOVE, love, love, oh yes, love PR! I also showed my kiddos how Robert Fulton was mentioned in my American Government text book. They thought it was pretty cool that good ole Bob, who is an amazing boy in their story, was studied in a college class.

History carried on with WWI. We did lots of outlining this week, as we read through
Where the Poppies Grow, DK EyewitnessBooks Presidents, Key Battles of World War I.  
The boys did a great job mapping and giving me great details to the story. They did quite well on their "tests" this week, too.

We're working on mental math with the Ant, still making 5's and practicing addition with AtG, and loads of division for Ax Man.

Great news for the boys, co-op is ON and since we'll have a second car soon, we'll be enjoying much theatre, PE, park day, and all together good times. I look forward to some little kid fun!


Chucki said...

Looks like you guys had a great week.

Daisy said...

Great narrations!

It sounds like you all are going to have a lot of fun in your co-op classes.

Mandy in TN said...

Those narrations were great! Congrats on the second car to use for co-op and all those outings.

MissMOE said...

Yah, for co op! The narrations were quite enjoyable to read!

Lexi said...

Love the narrations! I'm a newbie so I love the examples you give. It helps me figure out where I'm going! Sounds like lots of fun at your house!

Dee said...

Hey you! :) Whatcha' been up to? I've been missing reading about you and your crew!!! :)

I know your're busy...just a little note to let you know that I'm thinkin' boutcha!

Many Blessings!!



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