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Friday, August 12, 2011

Week in Review 8/8/11--8/12/11 The Linked Version

Well, this week started off where last week left off. Remember the final meeting I was waiting for (son helping dad out of house for the week), yeah...bad meeting. I had to postpone Tapestry an entire week to get the eldest up to speed and b/c Lil' Mother was gone for this week in his stead. At first, that was bad....but the change worked out great. 

Grammar School
Phonics Road 3- continued with spelling review of PR2 words; designed extensive outlines and then transferred the "note taking" styled outline into three large paragraphs. This was their largest assignment ever, in terms of size. For grammar, we focused on possessive nouns and pronouns.

Science enjoyed an earthquake study to match out San Francisco Earthquake study in TOG. You can read all about it and see some pictures here.

Artistic Tuesday was a success. You can read about it here.

The "extra" week in TOG allowed us to finish The Wizard of Oz early. The Ant really enjoyed the read aloud. He's such a literature lover (my pleasure!). I had them write a paragraph about their favorite character and why; and also their favorite part in the story.

We also worked on our Giant Geography book. There are a ton of geo. words in week 1. Usually, we'd pick them up as we go, but this time, I'm shooting for memorization. We also reviewed mapwork of the continents, major bodies of water (to which I have added seas this year), major rivers, major deserts, major mountain ranges and reviewed the USA.

We still can't find Story of the World 4. I have been informed not to buy a new one because they like the other books better. Okay. Looks like SOTW4 is out of the line up. No worries, I prefer living books too. I will say, I LOVED Volumes 1&2, but did find 3&4's level of difficulty making them less pleasurable to read.

There was another History adjustment. Axel is not enjoying 5 Children and It (???) so instead is going to finish up Einstein on his own while The Ant finished 5 Children and It.

I have really amped up their independent work. I am teaching them in a full-on block form, then releasing them. I was actually finished with all my teaching time (considering PR students in grades K, 3, 4, 6) by 11:30 twice this week! Then it's off to spend some time with the Elders and on lesson planning.
 We also added Logic in this week. Each Friday we will complete a lesson or two together of a variety of Thinking Company materials. They enjoyed the riddle about the lady, colleagues, formula, and the creation with no beginning, no end, or no middle. Can you guess what it was? 
Middle School
The girls are moving forward in their Anatomy study with Fullbright and Company.
Both are doing well in TOG. DyD is surprising me and really moving forward in TOG. She is moving in week 2, despite our delay. Our first discussion of the year will come today, and I'm excited to see how it works out. Diva is working on a project board of how we might dress in the early 1900s. I have to buy colored ink so I can print for her.
Lil' Mother moves forward in Chalkdust Alg. 2 and DyD is laboring through decimals and conversions of decimals. She doesn't love math, but does fine :)
DyD is working steadily in Art of Argument. Finally, someone doing Logic in Middle School like I want them to! Start slowly in 6th, then jump in for 7th and 8th. Lil' M. is almost finished w/ AoA.
The girls are easy. I assign them work --- they get it done. I heart my girls.

High School
Moving forward this week, Bard is SO on time! This is new for him, so I hope it lasts! He even did an some extra credit of his own design. An essay on the Cambrian Explosion. I'm proud of him. If you'd like to see his essay, I'd be happy to email it to you; however b/c of the content, I don't want to blog it. I'm worried I'll have ugly people jump in the discussion.
Both boys are doing math consistently, as well as, Latin, Biology, and of course the big dog-TOG. Really busy with that!
It is turning into a prosperous week. We'll have our first discussion. I'm feeling confident based on their attitudes and comments this week.

Teacher Corner
Lesson planning carries on. I'm finished with the next unit of science now: Weather.
I'm continuously adding to our Quizlet line up. I'm way behind there. Looks like it will be my weekends priority.
I need to get started on the next unit of TOG. I'd like to be finished w/ U2 now, U3 by Thanksgiving, and U4 over Christmas break -- lesson planning finished, not the actual teaching.'s all clean, but surely not in drawers. That is happening today!
4 weeks of Art is finished (all copied on the presentation tablet), only 12 more to go!
Veritas Cards came in this week!
Glad to be finishing up early. Now I know I'll have time for the bible studies I want to do with the boys and also for my own study. This will be a good year if I am diligent....if I am diligent....if I am diligent.
So, while this Review has little specifics, I can say it was a great week....and I finished each day a little earlier. This is GREAT news for me since I start back to college in two weeks. Hopefully, the new baby I'm keeping will start next week so we have a full 5 days to adjust before school starts.


Michele said...

Congrats on everything! I will have to check out the Art Connections series. Too bad about 5 Children and It. Maybe one day he will like it; you never know! I don't know anything about SOTW 4 - we skipped it during our 1st cycle - I was added in a K'er and did not want that to be her first formal brush with history. We will be doing that time period next year, so I need to get on the research ball!

HeatherLee said... are so busy. I came over from TWTM. I would love to hear more about your block schedule.

Tina said...

Here is a post just for you, HeatherLee :)

Mandy in TN said...

I don't want to blog it. I'm worried I'll have ugly people jump in the discussion.

Bwahaha hehehe. Go ahead: it would be fun.

And here's to hoping all of us hs moms will be diligent and have a good year!


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