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Friday, August 26, 2011

Week in Review 8/22---8/26, 2011

Sharing in history and science as below :)
Our reading lessons are coming along nicely. We're in Week 5 of The Phonics Road Level 1. AtG did a great job of spelling words correctly and is picking up speed in his reading endeavors. He is currently reading, My A Book, by Jane Belk Moncure. His handwriting is lovely. We'll be focusing on consonant teams during our flashcard practice since he has the general letters down.
In math, AtG can identify ways to make tens and is practicing making fives. He also completes 46 addition problems a day, via the Holey Card.

Upper Grammar
Pretty smooth week this week. We carried on in our WWI studies. We're just getting into the beginning. We're reading Where the Poppies Grow, DK WyewitnessBooks Presidents, Key Battles of World War I and An Age of Extremes for grammar kids. We found our lost SOTW :) but I'm still not sure how I'll use it, as the boys don't love or miss. it. We shall see.
Instead of a diarama, we decided to make a trench in a small section of the backyard. I ordered these fun soldiers and we got to work!  

AtG was master of the sandbags.

The Ant knows about tunnel digging now. Good thing since he's the Ant.

Ax Man creating a well rounded tunnel.

Toby likes to dig, be outside and get dirty --- just like the rest of the Little League.

Dogboards were used as walk-ways, ladders, and make-shift bridges.

Battle in the trenches.

Coiled barbed wire (before playtime was allowed).

Our sandbags were huge AND red, but they got the point across!

Brothers in every sort of battle and play. They spent the afternoon in the dirt.

AtG wanted to be sure we had a mound of barbed wire. He apparently remembered it from the book and thought it was crucial -- you should have seen his face. Priceless!

We are moving along nicely in our first expedition of "tests." Not that I care about the scores, it's just something to get them used to independent study with measurable accountability. They each did fine on vocabulary and map tests today. Speaking of maps, we started "The Great State Race." Think Holey Cards but with the states instead. The Ant is currently in the lead with 39 memorized. They also did fine on a 1914-European map, including all water bodies. Lookin' pretty good so far. They are doing a fine job of independent and computer practice.

Ax Man finished Albert Einstein.

We skipped science this week on purpose. We had a couple of outings and appointments and I started back to college this week, so I adjusted for some easier days. It was a nice, small break in week 4 of our studies. Instead, we did some simple Netlix science and watched a video on tornadoes and watched the Wizard of Oz. We enjoyed the book and the movie. We also watched the hurricane travel about. That was a nice, organic intro. to the topic, as we will focus on weather for our next unit in science.

We moved forward in the Phonics Road Level 3. We studied adverbs, homographs and antonyms; we reviewed 60 level 2 words; and in literature, we had a very light week of reading in Bob Fulton, enjoying a special focus on PA via an acrostic poem of "LANCASTER." We also did a lot of dictation this week and practiced our sentence parsing.

Middle School
In their usual flare, the girls got busy this week in TOG. They read a good bit from The Complete Idiot's Guide to 20th Century History, The Usborne introduction to the First World War, Stories for Young People: O. Henry, A Night to Remember, The Gift of Music and The Century for Young People. They began a display board on WWI and continued their President's Cards.

Anatomy this week brought about bones and the skeletal system.

Regular lessons move forward in math (decimals, conversions) (exponents and distributive/associate properties).

Loads of dictation for DyD, and some serious note-taking and summary practice for Lil' Mother.

DyD made pumpkin snacks with AtG.

Both girls ENJOYED the baby!

High School
Continued reading in America in teh 1900s and 1910s, World War I by HP Wilmott, Imperialism: A History in Documents, A Poetry handbook, Words of Deliht, The Story of Painting, The Story of Architecture, Pygmalion, and Modern Revivalism. Also much note taking and online lectures from a college class on Modern History. They are also doing WWI Display Board projects.

Math brought negative numbers for Bard, a new FLVS Geometry Class and continued Algebra 2 as graphs in quadratic functions for RoGD. He'll be accelerating through Geometry so he can be ready for the College Entrance exams at the local college, where we hope he'll test into College Algebra.

In science, we continue our Biology Honors as we get forward a good bit. Bard is particularly enjoying this. As we're in a DNA place, we'll be watching Jurassic Park for some DNA splicing entertainment.

The whole family has Veritas Cards 1-5 memorized. It's pretty effective when you actually do it everyday :P

We all watched The Wizard of Oz, The Call of the Wild (the girls finished the book), and IMAX Hawaii to go along with the annexation of HA during this time in history.

We did Art, lesson 3 on lines. We focused on shapes and did a still life. Here's a link to my Artistic Tuesday post.

Latin moves forward. No details to share b/c I need to have a meeting first  :)

American Government introduced types of government, with a focus on forms of Democracy and the American Political Culture.

Field Biology of FL introduced Earth's geology and the history of FL birth and settlement.

Soccer coaches' meeting on Mon.
West Point information meeting on Tues.
Church Wed.
Class and rest on a rainy Thursday
Special church service for my pastor Friday
Soccer registration on the way Sat.
Church on Sun.
YUP! A busy week.

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Daisy said...

I think you must be the coolest mom EVER letting your children build a trench in the yard! I love it.

I need to get Gift of Music. I really want my daughter to read it.

Great week and you have a lovely family.


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