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Monday, August 15, 2011

TOG DIscussions - Numero Uno of this year.

Well, we had our first discussion on Sunday afternoon b/c I never got there Friday (too much blogging and church stuff). We began with a cluster diagram for the 20th century to review. I was so happy to listen to my boys knock it out of the park. At least I know they learned a ton last year! Although we tend to use other graphic organizers b/c we find the cluster to be clutter, this was a pretty cool way to make connections across topics like: USA, Europe, Economics, Social, Immigration, and War information (we are a violent race). They did so well I was actually...surprised. Guess I should change my attitude!

Then we added the middle school girls in the game and discussed Teddy Roosevelt. They all came with guns loaded! So much information on Mr. President. I don't think they missed a nugget. There was probably too much reading and not enough discussing, but I was okay with that. It was our first discussion week of the school year. This one is always a little choked.

Overall, it went well and I was so pleased that they were all prepared. That was a HUGE relief. Students -- 4 older students--- all ready at the same time and place --- well that's amazing and priceless!

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