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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Staycations and Reassigning, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and even some Redemption

I am currently reassigning a garage into a school house. I've posted the beginnings here We are using it successfully, with some changes since its conception. As we're back to school this week, I'm finding the heat doable, although not desirable. I may try and use a wall unit. That will be determined in the next few days as I work out details with hubby.

I've come to the conclusion, while fine so far are use, space, and our general happiness, taking the "garage decor" out of my new school house is going to take some ongoing attention. I did hang some nice string across many rafters for posters, projects (like this one) and I was thinking more of the same for our Veritas Cards. I also put some curtains up around the toddler area so I couldn't see the stuff (read "garage stuff").
--------side note: I use the word stuff not for lack of vocabulary, but moreso for lack of enthusiasm about all this stuff now dwelling in my school house. Yes, I'm being a brat b/c it was, after all, the garage before it was my school house. Shhh. Evenso, I like pretty and peaceful, so the curtains made my day. I picked them up from a friend (thank you, Carmen!) who was getting rid of them in a Salvation Army pick up. Her trash, my treasure!

After reading Lisa's posts at Golden Grasses, I am inspired to get moving on the pretty. She took the clothes pins apart, ladies and gentlemen (you gotta go to the "one" to the right to see what I gotta see this!). Check out one or two of her summer school class projects. Great space saver idea and very nicely done.

If you read Lisa's blog as often as I do, you'd know they had a severe house fire and lost so much; however, I have witnessed via her blog how God pulls His people up from the smoke and ash and restores them. Their blue bookshelves bellow, "Redemption!" and their smiles carry with them a sense of purpose that convinces me of their victory. I know Lisa lives her tag, "Tear down to Build Up"

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