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Thursday, August 11, 2011

School House Refurbishing Continues

Well, after my brief whining last week, I thought I had better redeem myself with some humble posts about my school house. Here are some images of a few blasts from the past. Doing kindy this year with Alexander the Great is fun. I keep bringing out the precious things I haven't used in years. I'm also recycling so many things I find in the garage, as we convert the space from 3/4 garage---1/4 school to the other side of the circle :) Here are a few things I have reused. Funny....I'm incorporating a lot more technology into our studies this year, but all these photos are of old school, non-techy creations that really help out our classroom. Go figure!

I was gifted a bunch of newspaper pads, so instead of letting them collect dust, they are collecting school materials. On the Left we are creating a giant geography book to go along with TOG. I simply used to find pictures, then ala Quizlet,+ MSWord printed out the terms in a jumbo font. Viola! Giant Geography is born. I will use the cardboard backs of two tablets to make a book cover.

This easel was gifted to me. What a perfect spot for the tablet I'm using strictly for art.Each lesson will have some copy work, which I will have done in advance (on the tablet). Then I can use the easel for presentation. It's lightweight and super easy to move around the schoolhouse. What a great "old time" edition to my tool box.

I also have a few old corkboards; the small size that might be a little bulletin board. I don't generally use them, so what I did was pin a few things I repeatedly use to the corkboards. THEN, I can place maps and other visual materials on top of the easel. This also allows for fast moving of flimsy tools. The map you see on the right is the same one I used with Rockin' Out Guitar Dude waaaay back when he was in K. Now, he's in 10th. I also used that map to teach a co-op class. Any old Brain Day friends read my blog?

These are those gifted curtains I mentioned last week. Look below (and turn your head counterclockwise) to see what they are hiding.
I can't see the ladder, bookshelves of camping and hurricane supplies, back up school materials, and mailing materials. Out of sight, out of mind!

 Here are some mix-matched pillows that now serve as chair cushions in the schoolhouse. Who would've thought I could find something to do with these old things. Oh, and the paper towel holder, now holds our timeline. This might be my favorite new use. How fun to unroll the timeline like it's a scroll. I feel so classical now.
 Be on the lookout for a serious Tapestry of Grace Organizational Project. It may take me all year, but I'm getting the below shelves, materials, and additions all pretty. They Will Be in order and Color Coded. Even if it takes me all year to get it done!
TOG Years 1-4, Anyone. Lots of books. Lots of paper. Soon to be: little chaos!

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