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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Was in a Classroom Today, and It was Not My Own

I attended my first indoor classroom experience since 1995. (Did I just say that out loud?)
Walking on a college campus of a transient school (no dorms), is a unique experience for this home schooling mom of 12+ years. All shapes and sizes, young and old, colors and fashions walked the corridor. It really reminded me of times long ago, only this time, I will study the Art of American Dance much less and hit the books much more!
On a serious note the day was...Weird. What a different dynamic.  How strange and mostly OLD I felt. It brought me back to a class I had at Flagler College my freshmen year. I remembered these three "old ladies." These wise women were moms getting prepared for the working force, much like me now! I remember how organized, prepared, and zealous they were. Hurray! That is also me now! 
The class will be fun, as much of it is field biology. I enjoy hands on science mixed with a little mud and an interesting specimen. My prof. seems interesting and has a wonderful Portuguese accent. That reminds me of Flagler, too. I took a semester of Portuguese there. Not that I remember anything from that class (1993 -- wow.)
So, while I'm thrilled to be in school and work towards a degree (finally), it's also a bit strange for me. It will surely be an experience. I hope I get a good lab partner!

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Mary said...

Tina, I returned to college yesterday. Except I am doing distance learning. Eventually, I will have to step foot in a classroom, but for now I am basically homeschooling college! LOL I have to go in to take tests, but it is otherwise self paced and I am on my own. It is pretty exciting, but honestly I can't wait for the math to be over!! I want to spend time on fun stuff. I am only taking 3 classes a semester as I can't handle any more than that.

Have fun with your classes!! I look forward to hearing more about your experiences.


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