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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Forcing Flexibility and Being Alright with It.

I recently read, "I home school because I want a little control with my responsibility." Boy, oh boy! whomever wrote that must have been thinking of me! One of the pluses of home schooling is having control over your schedule. You get to be as flexible as you need to be. Well...let's just say that scheduling and flexibility are not my favorite combination. You see, I like to make my own schedule, that control; so when someone throws a shoe in the wheel, I'm kinda...not happy about it. I have, however, learned that when you're scheduling for eleven (11) people, stuff happens and daily you must adjust. I might not like the big changes, but I do alright with the little ones.

My dear husband, Oman, scheduled a long overdue surgery for the same week we started back to school. I was not thrilled. Kinda irritated at first, but some things just.are, so I had to operate in a little flexibility. To top that off, he's house sitting at the same time. Double whammy! He needs a helper with him at the house. It turns out, flexibility isn't so bad.

Since RoGD was Oman's helper last week, in a comfy place, he did not accomplish much school work. I admit, he's earned a rest after a prosperous summer, but still, I wasn't so happy with him. I *need* him to be on task. His extended vacation, along with his sisters shift helping dad this week, led me to restart our history studies. We haven't begun our writing because of this separation. The beauty came when it allowed more time for some fun projects with the Little League. I enjoyed my little guys because I knew we had an extra five days! So, we got our normal stuff done, but we also made a Giant Geography book; read aloud more; and even kept the house clean.

So, although this is not the way I planned to start our school year....a week behind by week 2, at least we're moving along elsewhere. There is more to life than history and with a little flexibility, we might be able to enjoy it. SHHHHH don't tell my WTM friends about there being more to life than history. We classical educators would Never hear of such a thing!

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