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Friday, August 12, 2011

Artistic Tuesdays: Lines and What They Express

For a mere $0.25, I came across this gem in our local Friends of the Library book store: Art Connections
This level 3 text is just what I need to mold the art ball into something usable, consistent, and worthy of time spent. I own a very nice program, but never take the time to do it. I may have the confidence to come back to more time consuming materials like Visual Manna or Drawing with Children after completing this basic course. Currently, though, Art Connections makes this EASY. I need that button for something about right now since I'm planning my very own science (again).
We started out by introducing, Art, this week. We talked about the language that is, Art. We talked about line, shape, color, value, texture, form, rhythm, balance, emphasis, variety, harmony and unity. After introducing lines via a chart I copied directly from the text, we did  a quick study of lines in art.
Then we followed the lesson plan via the text and drew weather scenes (6 total).  After choosing our favorites, we did our final drawings on large, drawing paper. Can you tell it was a rainy day when we did this? Lots of windy, rainy pictures! (which I'll add difficulties)

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