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I love the Lord as much as a broken person can; love and loved by my husband; blessed by 5 amazing little people who have helped me to learn much about me; grateful to serve even more as God gives them to me; blessed every day to be a home school teacher; college student; I hope to change the world by loving as many people as possible, because there is nothing greater than loving another.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

No Baby Steps this Week

Well, it's ten minutes after one in the morning and I am finally ready to hit the sack. School is done, house is as good as it's gonna get and I've been praying throughout the day. I leave for the Appalachian Trail at 6am. Rockin' Out Guitar Dude and I are about to spend a week with a bunch of boy scouts and climb a few mountains. I CAN'T WAIT! I am hoping that the trip will produce a few things. Will you please join me in prayer?
  • That these young men would be drawn to God as the evidence of His creation abounds
  • That my son and I take our relationship to new heights in spirit and in truth
  • The bond of brotherhood with these fine young men would ripen into rich fellowship
  • That the trip from start to finish is safe and prosperous
  • That the other adults on the trip would be blessed fully for their efforts and all they do to pour into the lives of these young men
  • That I can handle the physical toil on this ole body!
Thank you all so much. I can't wait to post some pictures!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More note taking, oringinal sentences, remodeling (lesson from PR3)

This exercise is actually scheduled in PR3 week 27, Day 5; however, you can use the format with any source you find appropriate. It's a great way to use interdisciplinary studies and combine other subjects with writing (history, science, literature, reading).

1.Have student read aloud your selected paragraph. Here is our assignments paragraph:
...He pretended next that he was the slave, pushing the wheelbarrow along the rough block pavement of the market street. On every hand he was bumped and jostled. He could feel his back and arms ache with the weight of the load. He could feel the perspiration run down his face.  Benjamin West and His Cat Grimalkin, pg. 98
2. Have student pick out 5ish key words from each sentence. Remind her to make sure her notes would make sense if she looked at them later. For example, instead of "wheelbarrow", encourage "pushing wheelbarrow." It conjures up completely different thoughts in a readers heads. Another example would be "pavement" versus "rough pavement." Here are DyD notes:
  1. slave, pushing wheelbarrow, rough pavement, market
  2. every hand was bumped and jostled
  3. back and arms ache, weight of the load
  4. feel perspiration, run down, face
3. After note taking for each sentence, have him transform his notes into original sentences. You may offer a sentence started like the underlined words. Here is DyD sentence composition:
Benjamin pretended he was a slave pushing a wheelbarrow down the rough pavement of the market. Every hand bumped and jostled him. His back and arms ached from the weight of the load. He could feel the perspiration run down his face.
4. Examine each sentence and then focus on remodeling.  (improve sentence quality, add synonyms and/or describing words)
  • Are there sentences that don't quite convey the author's intent? I see one in DyDs work: Every hand bumped and jostled him. The author's sentence gives more of an impression that his hands were jostled, not the whole of him. So, we changed the sentence to convey more specific meaning: Every hand was bumped and jostled by shoppers. Then we took the sentence and changed the word "jostled" to a meaning more familiar with my student, jerked. We also realized that "every" usually means more than a few, so we changed the word to "both" and fixed the verbage to have subject/verb agreement. Our new sentence, Both hands were bumped and jerked by shoppers.
  • We took the next sentences and used our thesaurus and knowledge base to change up the vocabulary. Here is our finished product: 
Benjamin pretended he was a slave pushing a wheelbarrow down the rough pavement of the market. Both hands were bumped and jerked by shoppers. His back and arms ached from the heavy cargo. He could feel the sweat drip down his face. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Notetaking, Vocabulary, Remodeling, Descriptive Writing and Dictation in PR3

This is a two day assignment (although we accelerated and did it in one day). You'll need your PR materials and also a dictionary and thesaurus. After watching the teacher instruction DVDs, you will have marked all the words in the paragraph in your teacher's materials, as I have them underlined below.
  1. You'll start by re-reading the paragraph as instructed (your student already read this aloud to you). 
  2. You and your student will agree on five important words and write them as "notes." Once we agreed, I used dictation as the tool for her to enter them in her Apprentice's Manual.
  3. Have your student orally offer a sentence of their own from those notes. 
  4. You now have 2 options: 
    1. write their original sentences on the board, or 
    2. write the paragraph as written in the book on the board (you may type this, too and double space so you have room to add your changes). 
For which skill does your student need more practice? I chose the latter and wrote the paragraph as authored on the board, underlining the key words/phrases. I highlighted words that were new and would be great vocabulary opportunities.
He pretended he was a big, pompous man followed by a black cat and a slave pushing a wheelbarrow. he was striding from market stall to market stall, tasting little samples of butter and cheese, then stopping to let the black cat lick his fingers. When his half-boots came untied, the slave had to kneel down and tie them. No matter what went wrong, the slave had to fix it. A t last he bought some huge turtles and lobsters, a firkin of butter and cheese, a suckling pig, a gammon of bacon, a skipple of salt, and led the way home, his nose in the air. 
5. Using knowledge or the thesaurus, look up and choose the best synonym for each underlined word or phrase. This is a great exercise in precision vocabulary. Encourage your children to say exactly what they mean. It's a valuable skill. As you decide on the changes, cross out the underlined word and write your selections above.
6. Now go back through and add any descriptive words necessary to improve understanding and quality of the paragraph. It's a great time to encourage exact descriptions, too.
Here is the finished product of Darling yet Diva's paragraph
He pretended he was a big, proud man followed by a black feline and a bondman pushing a wheelbarrow. He was walking throughout the city square, sampling creamy butter and various cheeses, then stopping to let the black cat lick his fingers. When his boots came unstrapped, the captive had to bend down and string them. No matter what the error, the slave had to correct it. At last he bought some huge turtles and crustaceans, a firkin of butter and cheese, a young and tender pig, a whole side of bacon, two and one half pounds of salt, and led the way home, his nose in the air.
 7. Now finish your assignment via copy work or dictation. We chose copy work on that day b/c I knew there would be plenty of dictation in tomorrow's assignment. 


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