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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wordless Wednesday 5/18/2011 Sand Couch

This is what teens do at the beach :) And, yes, you really could sit on it!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Trying Something New: A Dedicated School House

Over twelve years we've car-schooled; bed-schooled; couch-schooled; even floor, beach, and public bus-schooled, but for the first time ever, we're going to contain our grammar and pre-schools in a dedicated school house.
What is essentially an unattached garage, has been converted in part and I am excited to get started soon! I still have some very fine tuning, but here's the jist :) We needed more quiet for high schoolers. My house was getting crowded and I was feeling mentally overrun by books. Keep in mind, all of this was stored throughout my house in seven different rooms. Now, it's all together. My high and middle schoolers still have their cubbies in their rooms, my high school materials are in the house, and there is a chalk board in the dining room; otherwise, it actually looks like a house again. That's a real peaceful change for me and I hope will cut down on my scattered brain tendancies.I'm also hoping it will help keep the house clean--er--ish.
(Didn't rotate this one?) Behind the door is where the boys will have their checklists, moveable pictures of TO-DO list and important reminders. This bookshelf has some high school poetry, read alouds for the Ker and pre-Kers and activity/coloring books for all.
Fiction collection; Paper supplies ordered in ROY G. BIV order; educational card and hand games; craft closet w/ magnetic play area; all the science unit studies and kits I have in boxes. Like the party decorations to hide the clutter :)

Cassettes on top; Foreign languages; Fine Arts; and Anatomy teaching materials.

Book baskets; pet snake; cubby box; Bible, Life Sciences, Math and Language Arts teaching materials.

All my Tapestry of Grace books and boxes of paper; history and science spines for grammar stages currently in use.

Non-fiction categorized by topic, i.e. LOTS of science books! My cubby (the red one) with all my daily materials.

Chalk board; toddler learning center.

My chair :)

Toddler table. Since we don't use all the books regularly (think curriculum collection), we can be close and still have enough walking room!

Too bad you can't see this. I decided to take the definitions we created previously and hand them as a cluster diagram. I'm trying to let them witness the application of skills as regularly and daily as possible.
 So, as you can see, I have some fine tuning before me, but I had to share. It's another not-so-wordless Wednesday for me!


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