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Friday, April 22, 2011

How to use PR skills in writing across the board Activity 3 - grammar and fine literature

PR does a great job of teaching grammar. So good, it actually sticks! With their knowledge of grammar, it becomes easy to pull the general modifiers out of their minds and put them into their writing. The Building Codes of PR take care of this with Framing Keys (hints), etc. pig becomes fat, pink, or portly without much effort.
PR3 takes this to the next level and using the lit. study, models most excellent descriptive writing. Here's a post that gives a nice PR example, Understanding Descriptive Writing and Applying it.

Taking this and apply the same method to design sentences about anything at all (plants, animals, places, people).
Since we're studying canine canines today, let's focus on our dog, Toby. Can you tell me words that describe, Toby?
black, fat, big, heavy, smelly, drooly (write them on your board)
Those are pretty good. Can you give me a fancier word for "fat?" You may use your thesaurus (we use the one rec. in PR).
humongous, obese, plump, overweight (write these on the board)
Good choices. Which word describes Toby most accurately? Is Toby obese? Remember, obese means really overweight. Is Toby obese or does humongous work better? Remember, humongous means really, really huge! 
Humongous. (he's over 100 pounds of muscle)
Good, now pick one more word from your list and give me a sentence, please, Axel.
Toby is a drooly and humongous dog. (write on the board)
Good work. Tony, what questions does an adjective answer?
How many, what kind of, which one?
So, what kind of dog is, Toby?
bloodhound and black lab
Can you add that to our sentence?
Toby is a drooly and humongous bloodhound and black lab.
Good job. I'm gonna add a word here, mixed breed. That will make a more specific sentence. It's important to choose words that say exactly what you mean in writing.
Toby is a drooly and humongous bloodhound and black labrador mixed breed. I did this because now our sentence says exactly what I want it to.

You can apply this process to describe most anything! So one day for science, we can take a phot of Toby and describe it, then label a diagram of a dog's body. We'll then create a paragraph (one sentence at a time) that describes the commonalities of Toby and other dogs, each time, choosing specific words and going through the routine above. Once I have the sentences on paper or the board, I can again use it as copywork, dictation, etc. to accomplish the across the board function. To me, this is very much the process of narration, just in a slower building of sentences.

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