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Friday, April 22, 2011

How to use PR skills in writing across the board Activity 2 - Remodeling

This is a multi-part posting. Here is Activity 1

Activity 2 - Remodeling using a dictionary or thesaurus
Take any paragraph you choose from your history or science reading. The one I'll use is an exerpt from The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt by Elizabeth Payne Before I give it to the dc, I'll highlight the words I want them to change.
Presently it dawned upon our bewildered brains that in all this medley of objects before us, there was no coffin or trace of mummy. The explanation gradually dawned upon us. We were but on the threshold of our discover. What we saw was merely an antechamber. Behind the door there were to be other chambers, possibly a succession of them, and in one of them, beyond any shadow of a doubt, in all the magnificnet panoply of death, we should find the Pharoah lying.

Let's start by reading aloud this paragraph. Tony, please begin reading. (he reads the whole thing). Axel, can you tell me the first highlighted word, please?
Boys, I would like Tony to take the first word, Axel the second, and we'll keep taking turns until we have written this paragraph again, using our own words. Please pick up your thesaurus and find a synonym for your first words. Tony you have presently and Axel you have bewildered.
Tony: I found mine. present is an adjective and we can use current or existing.
Good work. Now, the word we're changing is "presently." What part of speech is that? Here's a hint, it ends in -ly.
It's a adverb.
Right. Now, which word did you want to use, current or existing?
Can you make current into it's adverb form?
Do I just add -ly?
Yes, sir.
Good. Please write "currently" above "presently" on your paper. Axel, your turn. What words can we use in place of "bewildered?"
baffle, confuse, mystify, perplex, or puzzle
Which one do you choose. Make sure you understand the meaning of whatever one you use.
Mystify...mystified (at this point, they're both already writing "mystified" over "bewildered" on their paper. If not, tell them to do so).
Let's read over our sentence so far and see if it makes sense:
Currently                                  mystified
Presently it dawned upon our bewildered brains that in all this medley of objects before us, there was no coffin or trace of mummy.
Does that make sense?
Good job. Find your next word.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Follow these steps again and again until you have a paragraph with a few changed words.
This activity again leads itself towards:
1. copywork (if you're already doing dictation a lot in another area today, simply use this as copywork -- avoid exasperation!)
2. dictation - complete the re-write, then dictate the paragraph at whatever pace works for your child
3. dictionary/thesaurus look up, which is an important part of the writing process
4. spelling
5. vocabulary/word study. I would take the time to point out "ante" in antechamber; the -ly and -ed where appropriate and remind them how suffixes change the part of speech.

I would expect a student in PR3 to be able to handle this well. Here is a link to another post about Remodeling Papa's Prayer and the steps followed as laid out in PR.

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