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Friday, March 11, 2011

Week in Review 3/7/11--3/11/11

We've been wrapping up and moving on over the past month or so. I seem to get to this place each year by spring. The onset of beach season is a real motivator to jump into high gear and crank out what's leftover. Additionally, as I start to plan for next year, the panic of, "You can't start that until you finish this!" rolls in and I get serious in school. Serious actually means different things in different levels.

My high schoolers are being blocked scheduled right now. We are working on: Math, History, and HOPE. Until they finish HOPE and Year 3 of TOG, they will work double time each day. They'll finish in time to change their block to Math (which never goes away), Science, Latin and Write Shop. Whatever isn't finished by end of May, will carry over into summer school. Essentially, they either earn respite or not. My guess is, they'll be some science summer school and a little Latin.

Specifically, RoGD favorite subject is Track. He's running on the long distance team of the local high school and doing well. He's getting Personal Records at weekly meets and even getting up early to run on Sundays. Geesh, if only he'd get up early for church or school! :P

Bard has finished Life of Fred Algebra and was given some Saxon Algebra tests yesterday. I'm looking for results. I'll let you know how that worked out. He's flying through his history. I expect he'll actually be finished early!

My middle schooler (Lil' Mother) finished up Chalkdust Algebra I Wednesday. I also gave her the Saxon Final Exam and will be grading it this evening or weekend. I suspect she'll do just fine. Then, I'm trying to decide if she'll go right to Chalkdust Alg. 2 or Art of Problem Solving. I already own CD Alg. 2, so that is more likely, but I am intrigued by AoPS, so we'll see. I may just have to look at that at convention in May and move forward with what I already have. No money to spend and all that.

Diva is wrapping up Phonics Road 3. She's in a real growth spurt right now in real life, so I'm getting a lot of sleepy/lazy from her. I'm trying to let her sleep more and work less in school. She continues to move forward in all of her studies. She has begun to rival her brother for the title of Book Devourer. She reads crazy fast. As a result, I gave her the book list for all she has to read in Tapestry for the rest of the school year. She has the option finish early and enjoy more free time. I'm sure she'll take advantage.

The Little League continues to move forward in all their studies. We added Intensive Practice to The Ants Singapore daily line up. He needs more practice. The Ax Man is finishing up Challenging Word Problems 2. I like to give the  CWP a level behind their daily work. It seems to offer encouragement and not exasperation, which is the general attitude with word problems. We are underlining every "key word or phrase" in the word problems. I suspect they will both be much more comfy with word problems than their predecessors.

We are in weeks 5 or 6 in our Phonics Road 3 studies. I'm really taking our time. The concepts are tough in level 3, so we go slowly and before we do the seatwork, I'm sure to do many examples on the board. This makes them happy. They like the privilege of marking sentences on "Mom's board." They are doing well and able to identify Predicate Nouns and Adjectives pretty well. They learned all about quotation marks yesterday, so I will reinforce that as we do group read alouds by pointing out the quotation marks and asking them which of the 3 rules apply in each situation.

For science, we actually had a nice week. A neighbor caught 3 catfish, so we dissected them before we cleaned them for the neighbors to eat. We studied all the parts of the fish and explained the usage of each body part, pointing out their same use in the human body. They had a blast. We also used Netflix on alternative days for animal studies. My plan for the rest of the year is to alternate topics based on child led interests. We're tired of physics alone, so we'll work it in our rotation. I am never quite satisfied with grammar school science, so I think I must accept that unit studies are our preference. I'll have to get used to weekly unit studies, though, and not drag them out.

AtG took the week off of reading and focused on science and play time. It was a nice weather week, so the makeshift sand hole (not in a box) was his favorite thing of the week. They made a lot of bricks and tried to build a house...not just a castle.

We're very busy with extracurrics right now, so Thurs. nights are the only night of nothing. It makes for a tired Momma. 5 in basketball; 2 in Scouts; 7 in Easter Production; 1 assistant Coach/Dad for two teams (covers 3 of the dc); 1 Seamstress for the production (I'll be utilizing my helpers, aka 2 daughters); I'm tutoring reading twice weekly; on top of general church attendance and continued studies. I decided to let loose a bit and spent a day at a friends for the boys to have an airsoft war and some chat time for the girls. It was nice.

That's our week. Profitable, yet relaxed. Full, and bordering on too full, but not quite overflowing. I hope yours went well!


WildIris said...

We are just about to finish up Chalk Dust Algebra 1 also. I have AoPS Algebra 1. DD~13 leafed through it during the middle of the year. She said it approaches things differently than Chalk Dust.

Monica . . . said...

You are amazing, Tina!


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