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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sonlight and TOG booklists - coordinated Year 3

I got this list from the TOG Loose Threads Yahoo group.The numbers show where the books are used in SL, while the "week" is for TOG.

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TOG Year 3

Week 1 The New Nation (History of US book 4) SL 100
       Island of the Blue Dolphins SL 5
       A Tale of Two Cities SL Brit Lit
Week 2 Robert Fulton, Boy Craftsman SL 3
       Eli Whitney SL 3
       Scarlett Pimpernel SL 6/7
       In Search of Honor SL 6/7
Week 3 Napoleon (old SL 6)
       Napoleon and the Battle of Waterloo SL 7
       Abe Lincoln's World SL 7
       Betsy and the Emperor SL 7
Week 4 Oliver Twist SL 200
Week 6 If you Were There When they Signed the Constitution SL 3 
       Stream to the River, River to the Sea SL 100
       Naya Nuki SL 4
Week 7 Lewis and Clark Expedition SL 4
       Old Yeller SL 3
Week 9 Simon Bolivar SL4
       Louis Braille SL 4
       Pride and Prejudice SL 200
Week 11 William Carey: Obliged to Go SL 5
Week 12 the Erie Canal SL 4
        Walden SL 400
Week 13 Sequoyah and the Cherokee Alphabet SL 100
        Only the Names Remain: The Cherokees and 
          the Trail of Tears SL 7
Week 14 Faces: Australia Through Time SL 5
        A Christmas Carol SL 200
Week 15 On to Oregon (old SL 7)
        Stout-Hearted Seven SL 100
        Patty Reed's Doll SL 100
        Samuel F B Morse SL 100
Week 16 Liberty for All? ( History of US 5) SL 100
Week 18 By the Great Horn Spoon SL 4
        Bonanza Girl SL 100
        The Secret Valley SL 2
Week 19 God's Adventurer: Hudson Taylor SL 5
        Commodore Perry and the Land of the Shogun SL 5
        Born in the Year of Courage SL 5
        The Big Wave SL 5
        Li Lun Lad of Courage SL 5
        Uncle Tom's Cabin (old SL 100)
        Tom Sawyer SL 100
Week 21 Freedom Train SL 4
        War, Terrible War (History of Us 6) SL 100
        Caddie Woodlawn SL 4
        Turn Homeward, HannaLee SL 100
        Two Tickets to Freedom SL 100
Week 22 The Monitor and the Merriamc SL 4
        Across Five Aprils SL 4
        A Photobiography of Abraham Lincoln SL 4
        Red Badge of Courage SL 100
Week 23 Robert E Lee SL 100
        Behind Rebel Lines SL 4
        The Perilous Road SL 4
        Shades of Gray SL 4
        Slopes of War SL 100
        Rifles for Watie SL 100
Week 24 Reconstruction and Reform (History of US 7)
        Dragon's Gate SL 100
Week 25 Little Women (old SL 8)
        Sing Down the Moon SL 4
        Moccasin Trail SL 4
Week 26 Thomas Edison SL 4
        Alice in Wonderland SL Brit Lit
Week 27 David Livingstone SL 7
        Mary Slesson Forwar into the Calabar SL 5
        Heart of Darkness SL 300
        Anna and the King SL 7
Week 28 A Glorious Age in Africa SL 5
        Rat Catcher's Son SL 5
        Beat the Story Drum SL 5
Week 30 Age of Extremes (History of US 8) SL 1100
        Up From Slavery SL 400
Week 31 A Little Princess SL 2
        Heidi SL 1
Week 32 Toothpaste Millionaire SL 2
        Around the World in 80 Days SL 5
        Whatever Happened to Penny Candy SL 5
Week 33 The Call of the Wild SL 100
        The Terrible Wave SL 4
Week 34 George Washington Carver SL 4
        Black Beauty SL 200
Week 35 Marie Curie's Search for Radium SL science 2
        Louis Pasteur's Fight Against Microbes SL science 1
        The 21 Balloons SL 2
Week 36 We'll Race You Henry Ford SL 100
        Bully for You Teddy Roosevelt SL 4

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