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Monday, March 28, 2011

PR4 a quick view of writing assignments

PR4 incorporates grammar and writing into the literature study, Carry On, Mr. Bowditch, which also takes care of reading and comprehension. Here's a quick list of the order of activities listed as writing assignments. There are other Non-Writing specific assignments
  • Summarization of Author and Illustrated
  • Remodeling, "What is a biography?"
  • Timeline (graphic organizer)
  • Family tree
  • analyzing a Theme: define, synonym, biblical perspective
  • notetaking
  • expanding notes into sentence
  • finalizing notes into paragraphs
  • reading old English
  • cluster diagram
  • composing a paragraph from cluster diagrams (mulitple paragraph essay)
  • character descriptions
  • writing directions
  • analyzing expressions of speech
  • identifying steps in plans
  • character comparison
  • giving directions
  • remodeling a quote
  • LOADS of dictation used as a tool for many aspects of the study
  • writing quotations
  • outlining
  • composing paragraphs from outlines
  • creating charts
  • compose notes from reading
  • comparing similar situtations; contrasting their difference
  • notetaking
  • labeling maps
  • words in context
  • remodeling
  • timeline
  • filling out a logbook 
  • summarizing a situation
  • notetaking
  • character study paragraphs from notetaking (5 paragraph essay)
  • paraphrasing
  • Who phrases (teaching clauses) as a character sketch idea

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