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Thursday, March 31, 2011

PR3 Week 26 Days 1&2

Day 1: Read and take notes from the day's reading. I reminded her to include descriptive writing in her notetaking and to remember to note the details of the author's writing. Here are Diva's notes:
  • in the garret
  • sunlight through windows
  • Grandpa Pierson's sea chest
  • stood pictures inside the lid
  • lost in creating a picture
  • growing trees and building waterfalls with a apaintbrush
  • hummed like a tea kettle
  • whenever he painted he seemed happy
  • lived in teh garret
  • didn't want to eat
  • foliage of a hickory tree
  • learned secrets of Grevling 
  • Momma likes it
  • Hapiness seemed to bubble up inside him
  • learned to make water ripples in teh wind
  • learned to make the sun touch of the underside of leaves
  • never thought about school
Day 2: take your notes and remodel in paragraph form. I told her to include the similies or metaphors, but to make the rest her own. Here is her work:
   Benjamin climbed the ladder into the garret. As he opened the shutters, sunlight came dancing in throughout the garret. Grandpa's sea chest was used as a stand for Benjuamin's pictures. Ben soon became lost in the adventure of creating a picture; he began growing trees and building waterfalls with a real paintbrush.As he pained he hummed like a tea kettle , practically living in the garret, and never wanting to eat!
  From studying some of Grevling's pictures, Benjamin learned some tricks like how to make water ripples in the wind and how to make the sun touch the underside of trees. That's also how he learned to paint the foliage of a Hickory tree.

Not perfect, but pretty good! 

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