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Friday, March 11, 2011

PR1 meets PR3 a surprise day of he Little League United!

We have been reading light this week and instead watching some "remember this" video work this week. I'm kind of winding down our K4 year and preparing for a real boost of K right around the bend. Well, I thought I'd throw AtG into the PR3 spelling session today because I saw him standing there, making limeade with Diva. The words we are using are all review from PR1, so while I knew there would be a couple unfamiliar teams, there were certainly a lot of sounds he knew. It was worth the try.

I was so surprised at how quickly he went through words in the presence of his big brothers. When a team arose, I asked the two bigger brothers, "Help out your little brother. Which team will we use here?" They'd give me the team, then all together, the three of them would repeat along with me the sounds of each new team. You should have seen Al's face! He was so happy to be doing school with his big brothers.  We sang Rule Tunes together, then Diva jumped in while continuing in the kitchen to make lime icees. The boys stood up, danced, singed, and we all laughed as I air fought them for the sounds of the Vowel Team of Pain. It was a nice home school moment. It was a taste of the one room school house that is always so precious in my mind. 

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