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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Planning time for PR 1 & 2

Seriously. What you're about to read will sound waaay to easy, but it's for real! (I know I'm very silly)

To learn how to use the program took me watching a few weeks of videos, with both the TM and student NB in front of me. Since you've uses AAS, you'll be ahead of me and take less time to catch on, I imagine.

Now, it never takes more than 20 minutes to watch the DVD for the entire week for all 3 Section Titles of the program (Spelling, Grammar, Literature). The spelling portion I fast forward (b/c she literally spells out for the "Class" every single word. Think MUS.) When a word needs to be added to the Building Code (BC) or Framing Code(FC) section of the notebook (NB), it is flashed on the screen, so I can stop, listen, jot the BC down, then fast forward right through the entire spelling list. That means about 3 minutes of spelling planning per week.

For grammar instruction, I listen and at this point, most of the time also takes about 5-10 minutes. I jot notes in my teacher's nb b/c in the teacher's nb you have a completed copy of the student notebook, so not only will you have your notes, but you'll also know what's it's supposed to look like.

The literature portion of the DVD gives a lovely introduction to each chapter (I'm actually going to have dd listen to the intro for Y3 every week b/c they're so sweet), then shows anything you need to know.

No kidding, at this point (using the program for a year and some change) it takes me nov more than 20 minutes with the DVD remote in hand to plan for an entire week.

45 minutes after one is comfy with the program seems waaaay off base for me. It took me about 3 weeks to fall into this groove of 20m planning.

I also planned out a great deal over the summer b/c I had 3 levels to get through this year. That was awesome too b/c now I really can grab and go -- 2 min. teacher prep time for that level!

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