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Friday, March 25, 2011

A (longer than usual) Day in the Life of PR3 - Grammar Week 5, Day 4; Spelling Week 5, Day 3

PR3's spelling is split into three sections:
  1. Weeks 1-16 spelling lists + Building Codes, which are single pages dedicated to practicing one spelling rule (rule families, if you will); with Mega Spelling Tests weeks 8&16
  2. Weeks 17-33 spelling lists 4-days and word study on the 5th day
  3. Week 34 is review of weeks 18-33 spelling words and a final test on day 5
Today, our spelling was a Building Code Assignment. There are 18 such days in the first 90 days of PR3. The Rule we worked on was,  BC 10 Two-syllable words with the accent on the last one...
  • Dictate a list of 11 words and told them to write them with syllables and markings.
  • Discuss what 2-syllable words meant (we clapped out each word); including the reminder that every syllable must have a vowel
  • Discuss what "accent" means (I said each word with the accent on the first and then the second syllable and asked them which sounded correct. Then I wrote an accent mark on each word, which I had them spell orally to me, as I wrote the words on the board)
  • I had them define suffix; tell me the 2 kinds of suffixes; and then dictated a list of vowel suffixes to them, that they would add the the list of 11 words. This was "fill in the blank" in their PR notebooks, so the page looked like:  be-gin' + -er =  (with markings and syllables written for each word)
  • I wrote the 3 criteria on my chalkboard
  • I had them go to the chalkboard and they took turns writing out the word + vowel suffix, then we went through the criteria for each word, as I pointed to each criterium: 
    • be-gin --- How many syllables? TWO 
    • On which syllable is the accent? The last one
    • Are we adding a vowel suffix? Yes
    • Then begin meets the criteria and you must do what to spell this word correctly? Double the final consonant.
    • Correct. Do you remember the Rule Tune for diving double consonants? Yes...they sang the song, then wrote the word on the chalkboard. 
We went through this spelling catechism for 4 words each. At that time, I felt confident they understood the application of words that meet the criteria.

The Building Code also gives words that do Not meet the criteria. 
  • I dictated 3 words to them and then 3 vowel suffixes to fit the equation like the first set of words, so it looked like: pro'-fit + -able =
  • We walked through the criteria as I pointed to each one on my chalkboard and noted that each of the three words didn't fit b/c the accent was NOT on the last one. 
  • We concluded the rule does not apply, so we did Not double the final consonant. 
Finally, the last group of words exemplified what happens when there is a consonant suffix.
  • I dictated 2 words and we did the same drill as above, concluding the words did not meet criteria #3, the suffixes were not Vowel suffixes; therefore, we do not double the final consonant.
I told them to put the paper aside, that they would finish the word on their own after instruction.

This was a long lesson for PR. It took 30 minutes of instruction, which as you saw, included review of several things (definitions, other spelling rules, markings, etc) and also single word dictation and spelling practice.

Next, on to grammar instruction. It was a breeze today, thankfully, b/c the spelling was a long lesson! We have been working on verb forms. Yesterday, we took 5 verb forms from a chart we created and wrote original sentence for each. We parsed each sentence they created. Today, they had to take the same sentences and use a different form of the same verb, then parse the sentences.
  • An example of Ax Man's work: The sled dog pulled the cart across the snow. The sled dog is pulling the cart across the snow.10 minutes to complete the assignment.
  • An example of The Ant's work: The knight will rule the kingdom. The knight ruled the kingdom. 15 minutes to complete. 
Axel: Spelling 8 minutes + grammar 10 + instruction time 35 = 53 minutes total language arts time.
Tony: Spelling 20 + grammar 15 + instruction time 35 = 70 minutes total language arts time.

There was another half to the grammar lesson plan, which I will work on tomorrow b/c it took so long for spelling. I will instead, introduce Irregular Verb Forms tomorrow. That lesson will involve them creating a chart with verb forms:  We lead; Yesterday we _____. for a list of 15 base verbs.

In all fairness, The Ant is likely ADD, so it takes explicit and slow instruction to help him "see" each spelling rule. He needs the repetition of 4 words. He's also only in 2nd grade and in PR3 to make my life easier. I could probably have cut 10min. off of the time if I were only instructing the Ax Man. The combination of the ADD and immaturity does increase teaching time. I'm not complaining and Ax Man deals with the extra time by working ahead on his independent work while I talk to The Ant. It works out :) I just make sure I review definitions daily with The Ant to ensure retention.

We're in week 7 of the literature study, as they can't get enough and love the story. We spent yesterday doing a cluster diagram to sketch the relationship of Bob and the Schoolmaster after Bob makes his very own pencil. It was a lesson in graphic organization, research and dictation...all skills for writing instruction. We dictated 8 clusters and it took about 30 min. The Ax is actually slower in dictation! So, it all works out! It took us about 25 minutes. Keep in mind, as a whole, Mrs. Beers balances well the workload, I'm just in different places, and I only do 2 subject areas per day b/c I'm slowing down the pace! 

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