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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Getting Started with Tapestry of Grace FREE online helps

In my twelve years of home schooling I have seen a lot of curriculum come and go. I've used many of them with joy, while others, eh, not so much. In that time, I have found two programs that truly make a difference in our life. That sounds heavy for some school stuff, huh? Seriously, it matters. Building academic and spiritual foundations, inspiring love of learning, and facilitating a large family well are my personal goals in home educating. I don't want to be mediocre. I want to offer my Lord and my family my very best. In all my time, only two programs have helped me to meet those goals fully, and along the way have greatly improved my skill regarding my profession: teaching. So, when I talk about Tapestry of Grace or The Phonics Road, it's no sales pitch, it is sharing with a community that relies heavily upon each other the wonder I have found. There are a lot of good packages to buy these days, but there are only a few great ones. I offer TOG and PR as greatness packaged for ease of use and quality product.

By nature, I talk...a since I am talking about these programs anyways, I decided to join their affiliates program so I could help my husband, who loving has supported all my financial oopsies of buying and selling curriculum over the years, until I finally settled on what works best for our family. Having good materials helps, and so, I'll say it again, these two programs make a difference in our lives. Sometimes you get what you pay for (I learned that the costly way), and so, with these programs, you will get the excellence for which we all long.

Here are some links for helpful information on Tapestry of Grace, aka TOG. If you find this helpful and decide to purchase Tapestry, will you please do so with my affiliate i.d.? Just use my email address: when checking out. That's my husband's name, my name, then our name ;) AT Thank you! If you have any questions about TOG, please contact me. I love, love, love to talk about this program.

What is Tapestry of Grace?

The Three big ideas of TOG. Watch and learn about Integrated Studies (aka Unit Studies), Whole-family Learning, and Cyclical Education.

What's in a Week Plan?

Want to generate your own custom book list?

What is this Digital Edition (DE) I've heard about? Explore the DE

Check out these free 3-week samples:
Need to get started? Here is the Simple Start Guide. It helps to get things out of the shrinkwrap and into the hearts and minds of your children. 
    This Teacher's Summer Reading List will get you ready to teach at any level.

    I'll be holding a tea soon :) If you want some info. on The Phonics Road, look in my archives (on the right). There are posts about The Phonics Road, PR1, PR2, PR3 and PR4. You can also read up on The Latin Road in my archives. LR is the continuation of word study, Latin and English Grammar. Magnificence for certain!


    Kristi said...

    I also really love TOG, but this year I steered away from it :( because I thought I wanted/needed something all planned out for me. I was wrong. But, I do have a question, do you use the government part of the program or do you do a separate government/civics course? Also, how do you handle the costs when you have children in different stages?

    Tina said...

    I do the gov't part in full in years 3&4 b/c the high school credit is a requirement in our state. In the other years, I'll have my high schoolers read it, but they won't answer the questions on paper and we won't hold gov't questions in our discussion.
    I have a wonderful library system that makes a huge difference. I can get most of the books, esp. the grammar stages from there. Over the years, I have also acquired a great many books used. Finally, I use Swagbucks and get several for free. Here's a link to a post on my blog about it. If you ckick on TOG in my sidebar, it's the second post there, currently, "Affording and Growing Your Own Library".
    I generally suggest Check Out grammar stages, start buying D and R early!


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