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Friday, February 11, 2011

I Want to Sing His Praises

You know, some time ago, I actually sat down and asked God to show me what programs to use for school. At the time, I was spinning in circles trying to find the best fit, trying to understand the options, and trying to get a handle on a fair budget for my husband.

God pulls through, you know. He gave me peace about which programs to use. You have to understand something: we're pretty broke most of the time. It's okay. We live well compared to most of the planet, so don't misunderstand my "American poverty" for true poverty and yet, I am one of the richest people I know. Over time, God confirmed to me that I heard Him well and was using the right programs.

Tapestry of Grace is one of the programs to which I refer. You buy the curriculum, then you add living books (books in print that are not textbooks) to offer a variety of materials. This is wonderful because you really can reach different learning styles with this course of study and you can offer so much rich reading and adventure along the way. It was what I always wanted my home school to look like. Now, comes the singing :)

I find it not coincidence that I live in a place with an amazing library system. Blessing #1. We can borrow books from a county wide system. We can get interlibrary loans for free. I even have  a drive thru at my nearest location. Yup, a drive thru. Unbelievable, huh?!

Next, I have been gifted a wonderful library over time. Many small contributions, then a large one. I posted about it here. Blessing #2 in continual effect... last week a friend of an online friend (how's that for a connection) contacted me and offered me the Dialectic books for TOG Year 4. I cried and could hardly type as my hands were shaking. Here come the tears again. Here you have a person who said she was looking for ways to Give God the Glory, even prayed about it and asked for it to happen. She wouldn't even let me pay shipping. Friend, you HAVE given Him the Glory. I look forward to our meeting in heaven.

Now, take the faithfulness of my adopted daughter, who gives me school money when she gets her tax return or school money, and what do you get? You get me sittin' pretty for TOG Year 4. Between my personal library, my gifted books, and the handful of things I bought (with free shipping via Amazon Prime Trial membership), GOD gets the glory. I will work so hard to show Him how much I appreciate His gifts. I will sing His praises.

Thank you mighty Lord for showing yourself and providing all our needs. Your grace and mercy resound in my life. Your loving kindness endures forever. You love is higher than the any mountain and deeper than any ocean. The love you offer me, unconditionally, is far more than I'll ever understand, but something I will forever keep in my heart and share with others.
Glory to God in the Highest.


Brian said...

So happy for one works harder! Love you!

Deanna said...


I love TOG too.
God is good.

Dee said...

God is so awesome and faithful! Praising Him for his goodness to you and your family! Our Father is a Father who sees and who cares for His own!

Dee :) :) :)


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