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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

PR3, Week 27, Day 5

*For Katrina* who works hard to best serve her family and whom I hope can find rest and peace in PR.

Today, DyD, grade 5 and I spent 50min. total together time for language arts. Since she's old enough to stand that much time consecutively, that is what we did. We started with Designing Codes, the word study + vocabulary + spelling + part of speech identification (grammar) 5th day of each scheduled week.

We start with a 5-min. drill of pre/suffixes and roots previously learned. Then, we take each word, one at a time by DyD building them with her cards. As she builds the word, we agree on a literal definition. For example, advent ad+vent (written in syllables on the DC) = come to. She identifies the part of speech easily and writes it down. We move on through the list of 6 words. Diva will go back and write down the best definition from the dictionary as her independent work for this subject.

Then we went to the other portion of word study, focusing on suffixes. 2 new suffixes were taught today, both of English origin. You discuss how the suffix forms a new part of speech and then what the suffix means. For example, -ship is added to a noun, forms a noun meaning "the condition of...;" so friend + ship = friendship, the condition of being friends. Via dictation, we added the rest of the Designing Code (the first half of the page was completed on a previous week. 

This half of PR3 incorporates grammar into the literature study; however today, the lesson is a continuance of re-modeling. This process covers grammar, spelling, dictionary/thesaurus use, descriptive writing and paragraph writing. Yesterday, DyD picked out key words and wrote sentences using these words, as applicable to the story. Today's assignment had me write her sentences on the board, then together, we used a syllabus to replace the key words and encouraging descriptive sentences.

She went back and completed her independent work in an additional 12 minutes (I was timing). That means DyD spent 1hour and 2 minutes covering all language arts categories, including word study (Latin roots to some).

When The Elders were here age, we used Rod & Staff Grammar, several spelling programs (different ones for each dc), Writing Aids, and literature via unit studies w/ or w/o TOG (history). Just doing RS took us 45 minutes total time (teaching and working). This is why I Know we save time using PR. There is no way we finished the rest of our studies in 17 minutes. No way.


Katrina said...

Thanks Tina!! Now if we didn't live on opposite corners of the USA I'd hug you in person. May God bless your efforts in the home today!!

Jesse, said...


thanks for the encouragement! It is comforting to know that maybe, just maybe I will become more consistent and things will run more smoothly as time goes on!

I'm preparing a "teach your child to read in 34 easy weeks with PR1" post! I'll link over when it's done!

Jesse, said...

Tina...I get your DD being able to work for 50min. but what do you *do* with the little ones during that time?! I need some inspiration since I have a wiggly K'er, toddler and baby that get anxious after a little while. 50mins. would never happen in a straight run around here.

Tina said...

Jesse, they watch a 30 min. bible video each day (the old Hannah Barbara series). I actually have a "movie" chair for the toddler. It's really a portable booster seat. I sit him in it and strap him in. Before he was old enough to do this, I'd put him in our version of a playpen (a fenced area) during this time.
Directly after, they have Recess. I send them to the backyard to play. It's fenced in and I can look right out the window in the school area and see their every move. It's pretty childproof and the dog stands guard :)
With dc as little as yours, I'd split the lesson. I'd do the first 30 min w/ the bible video, then send dd on her way. Then, after switching gears for the toddler and baby,I'd drop in a short lesson w/ the Ker. Then, I'd probably throw in a snack at the a small, they need to grab w/ little fingers and take a long time to eat snack, then teach dd during this time. Babies and toddlers spend a lot of time in containment around here.
Now that they are a little older (5 and nearly 3), that is a small playroom right off the kitchen. Everything in the room is touchable by them and I have trained them to stay in the room. DD actually goes in there twice a day for "activities" with them, so they have fun in "their" room. When the toddler was a baby, he spent a lot of time on a blanket next to me w/ rotating toys. We just got used to the noise and saved tougher subjects for naptime! I also fenced him in a "play area" aka the living room, which is adjacent and open to the school area, aka the dining room :)
Containment, my friend, think containment! There's a post here on ideas for littles. Check out the archives! I think it's under large families.


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