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Friday, January 14, 2011

A Letter a Week...catching up with Blogland

Time is not always on my side, at least so far as blogging. We have slowly chugged along with our letter of the week. I have been pretty slack, as my focus has been more on settling into high school, than worrying too much about teaching reading to a pre-Ker. I was convicted to get on the ball after Christmas, because Alexander the Great is so eager to learn. I don't want to miss the opportunity. You have to grab tight when a child is ready to learn, as they don't always operate in eagerness! Today's materials, chocolate chips, motivated me to blog.
When AtG saw there were some chips leftover, he asked, "What are we gonna do with those?" I responded, "You're going to eat them." "I AM?" "Yes, you are." Eyes as big as saucers, he shouts for the household to hear, "I get to each chocolate chips!"
To date, we know the sounds of c (2 sounds), d, g, m, l, h, t, j, k, p, ch and all the sounds for a, o, and i.
So, here we are. As you can see, we know quite a few sounds now. My joy, though, is following through with the method of reading instruction and watching how well it works. I have never spelled to read before! We all used, 100 Easy Lessons to Teach Your Child to Read (100EZL), to knock reading out and then picked up the pieces and filled in the gaps. This time around, we're starting strong out of the gates and I can see the future! I am trusting in the method and getting the impression that while it will take us a little longer than it did with 100EZL to read abundantly, that already, there is so much we can read, AND write AND spell. I'm thrilled. I think we have a head start on spelling and writing with this approach and we have a WHOLE lot less tears than I ever had with 100EZL. AtGs joy is simple...he's reading!

As a result of sticking to the spell first philosophy, we can sound out to spell, then read the following words: dad, had, am, cat, at, hag, tag, ham, dog, mad, mat, hat, dot, got, hot, cot, cod, tom, cog, mom, lad, lot, tot, log, hit, lid, it, tim, dig, dim, mid, hid, him, did, lit, jam, jim, jag, jig, jog, jot, kid, kit, kim, pig, gap, pad, pam, hip, cap, hip, cap, pat, tap, pot, hop, mop, top, cop, lip, lap, chad, chat, chip, chit, chop, chap, chit-chat. AtG can spell them, write them, and read them if I write them. He is still sounding them out, nothing is memorized, so it's not like he looks and says yet, but that isn't the point for us. He is sounding out well and remembering the sounds as he goes.

He can also make the following sentences, learning dictation in the process: Tom got hot. The log got hot. Dot had a hot mat. Dad got mad at the lad. Mom got mad at the cat. The hog got the ham. Time hid the lid. Did the lad hit it? Dad got a cat for Tim. Jim hid the jam. Did Tim jig and jog? Mom had a lot of jam. Did Kim hi the kit? A kid kid jog. Did Kim pat the pig? The top of the pot is hot. Did the kid tap him? The chap had a cap. Chad and Tom had a chat. Did dad chop a log?

I have been using magnetic tiles more than writing for sentence building. I have him write one sentence a day and then we build three per day. It is a slow process, but it is working and he never stops smiling.
We don't use capitals or punctuation  yet, so here's our sentence: did dad chop a log Vowels are colored red to stick with the Phonics Road model, and we underlined our first consonant team
We're at the point where a letter a week has turned into 3 letters per week, or 1 letter per day. We do instruction together on M, W, and F. On T and Th, he plays on for 30 minutes. We're doing fine and I'm pleased. He the above sentence for his momma this morning and she was smiling pretty widely, too. God is good!

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Dee said...

You are doing such a great job with him! With all of them! I wish I had another little one to teach how to read...such fond memories. :)


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