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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Letter of the Week...or day :) u U

After a review of all sounds via flashcards, we added the first 2 sounds of the letter U today. (Insert: if he forgets a sound or needs a reminder, he flips through his notebook to find the sound and see the "hint" words. Today, he reviewed /ch/ by looking at his chocolate chips). After introduction with bumpy letters (crossstitch pad) and shaving cream, we went straight to spelling words with magnets: gum, tug, hut, gut, jug, up. Although the spelling words and order thusfar come from Sensational Strategies, I decided to move along into PR methods a little more today by spelling to write and read using the white board as the teacher; he already uses the white board. We did our first "write it out" dictation after spelling out words together.
  1. I said the sentence 3 times: Chad got a mug and a cup; then he repeated it back to me. 
  2. I went to the white board and we went sound by sound for each word. I'd write the word on the board, he'd write it on his paper. I had to give him the sound, /n/, as we haven't learned it yet. 
  3. After spelling it out, I'd have him sound it out as I pointed to the sounds on his paper.
  4. It helped him to take his tiles and spell along with me, so as I wrote, he moved around his tiles.
  5. I told him about capital letters and punctuation, limiting our discussion to the stop sign, aka, period.
  6. After writing the sentence fully, we sounded it out together one more time. He's getting faster at sounding out words. The method is working!
AtG is very excited to have written his longest sentence yet. He spelled it, wrote it, and read it! I'm so happy for him! You may notice the colors on the lines. As he learns letters, we place them in a house. The attic is blue like the sky; the living space is read like the body heat of where the people are and the basement is yellow for no real reason. I color his lined paper this way without drawing the house so he will relate letter size correctly. It's working well. The house idea came from Sensational Strategies, and I use the PR words for writing the letters.

Next time, I'll write a little larger and see if he still prefers to use the tiles in front of him. I will say, it is nice to apply handwriting practice to actual sentences and Not just arbitrary tracing.
The lesson was a little too long (30 min.) since we spelled six words then did the sentence dictation, so I think I'll alternate between spelling lots of words, 10-12, and completing dictation. He's not quite fast enough to put it all in one day and I don't want to exasperate him at all. Remember, reading instruction with tears MUST stop! I can't believe how wonderful this method is. We cried so much with other dc trying to use another program. 

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