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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Letter of the Day: b bubbles

I decided to head of some B and D confusion this time around by choosing very specific key words. D is or drumstick...the letter is written with the drum first, then the stick. We started B today and did bubbles b/c you first need the handle, then you blow the bubble. It worked for today. We'll see if it sticks!

We started our lesson with a review of /u/ /U/. It didn't stick as solidly last week, and I'm sure it's because we did not do the repetitive gluing. So, I cut out some umbrellas and unicycles this morning and we glued them on our paper.

Then we headed over to B.
  1. We started with the bumpy letter tracing three times. We talked about needing the stick to blow the bubbles.
  2. Then we wrote and repeated the sound, "/b/ bubbles" in rice.
  3. Next up, pasting and repeating the sound, /b/ as we glued a girl blowing bubbles all over our letter b.
  4. From there, he pulled down tiles to spell a few words: bag, bad, bit, job. 
  5. Since he was kinda tired today and processing slowly, I took the opportunity to have him practice listening for vowel sounds. I used our flashcards and place consonant-space-consonant down and said a word. He had to pull down the vowel cards and put them in place as I formed a variety of words: cob, bat, bud, bid, jab, big, but, tab, tub, bug
  6. I skipped dictation today. I think tomorrow, instead of Starfall, I'll do dictation of the following sentences: Bob lit the log. The bag is big. Bob and Kim chat a lot. 
That's it for the day. We're moving along!

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Dee said...

Download Mr. Beady Eyes (bd eyes) at this website. Just scroll down. My son loved this and I laminated a page for him and he was always pulling it out and referencing it. ;)


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