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Monday, January 31, 2011

Designing sentences from note taking PR3

This week, we read about Bob's first day in the Little Quaker Schoolhouse. Our assignment was to take notes and have the teacher write them on the board for the descriptions of the schoolhouse by the author. After generating the list to follow, we generated our own sentences to make a paragraph describing the schoolhouse in our own words. The paragraph that follows was designed by my 2nd grader, The Ant. The only necessary corrections were 2 reminders to capitalize and one sentence needed to have the verb form changed. I would point to the notes we took on the board, then have them come up with a sentence. When appropriate, I encouraged them to combine notes into one sentence. I was quite impressed with The Ant's skills here. He's only in second grade :)
  • paper windows
  • dozen goose-quill pens
  • dozen students with copybooks
  • schoolmaster's desk in center of the room
  • bundle of birch rods used to spank
  • damp cold air in schoolroom
  • children sat on log benches
  • noon recess for playing and mealtime
  • bell rang
  • looooong afternoon
  • hourglass to keep time
  • discussed mottoes
  • schoolmaster asked a lot of questions
  • children wrote mottoes in copybook
   The window on the schoolhouse are made of paper. A dozen students scratch their copybooks with quill pens. The schoolmaster's desk is in the middle of the room and with it is a bundle of birch rods and an hourglass. The children sit on log benches and the air is damp and cold. After discussing mottoes and answering many questions the children wrote mottoes in their copybooks. When the bell rings, it's time for noon recess and mealtime until a long afternoon ends when the sun goes behind the clouds. 
Not too shabby for my little guy :) He makes his pseudo-grandma proud :)

1 comment:

Dee said...

Second grade, that is quite impressive! Go Ant!!! Awesome job!


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