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Friday, December 31, 2010

Sometimes change is necessary for one and therefore necessary for the rest

My biggest struggle this year, by far, is finding the right groove with my Eldest boys. For all intents and purposes, they are both in high school this year, although I have some flexibility with Bard b/c of laws, registration and all that. I jumped on the Independence Band Wagon too early; better said, I threw them on the wagon and we've suffered through the consequences this first semester. Fortunately, I have received excellent council from the Veteran moms at The Hive/Forum, so I have made some adjustments along the way and academically, all is well; yet we are still struggling with finding the right balance of freedom and follow-up. This has resulted in yet another schedule change.

Simply put, I need more time with the big boys, so instead of weekly block scheduling, which I LOVE, we are  going to a more "periods" based schedule with more daily time with Momma. They will not be happy about this, but since they are behind in science and I'm tired of their inching, it's time to jump in full force. We also need more daily review in Latin, since there is so much to remember at this point. They're doing very well, but the daily time together has merit. I also want to push ROGD on his speed in all subject areas. He likes to turtle along. He needs the push and practice in focusing and picking up the pace, especially since he has plans to be gone for 2 months this summer.

I suppose I enjoy the mixing up of schedules simply because I get bored with same ole same ole, but I was sure happy having a 4-day week with the Little League. Since I have to change for the Elders, that 4-day joy is about to change. There is merit in our change, though, beyond meeting the needs of the Elders. The Little League wasn't doing nearly enough science and the Little League is a real experiment loving group. We will drop my plans for Physics and pick up Elemental Science Physics to give me more "instant" direction. The program comes with easy to use teacher's materials; student workbook for documenting experiments, journaling, and illustrating; and from a WTMer, I found a core text, Physics Experiments for Children, online for free. The program is easily followed on a 2-day a week schedule, so I've gone through and marked out the topics our physics study has already covered and I'm ready to roll. I purchased Physics via pdf download; printed both Physics and the core text, combined the two in a 3-ring binder and viola! Tuesday and Thursday should be fun around here! The program comes with a supply list, too, so that makes for easy quarterly planning. I can simply write Week:Days in my planner, pick up my Teacher's Manual and Roll. FWIW, I also bought the other two books needed from, using my Swagbucks freebies, ala Amazon giftcards. You can't beat free! That means I only had to pay for the Elemental Science and the rest was simply printing and assembling! We'll skip the biographies since we have already covered the subjects in our history lessons. So in a couple of days, I should have my free books and science experiments should prove abundant.

So, while the change came about because of a shortcoming, I'm hoping the effect will be positive on the whole lot. My days are still long, but that is to be expected when you're schooling 7 children ranging from K--9th grades. It is a wonderful world and I look forward to the challenge (so long as there's a little Sangria with friends along the route)!

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