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Thursday, December 30, 2010

PR4 Lesson Planning in Progress Wks 6-8

Disk 2 is done. 1 hour 5 minutes, total time: 2:25 for planning out 8 weeks of COMPLETE Language Arts.  If you're like me, with several dc using this program, then I consider this planning for 4 children, maybe 5. I really can't complain about it one bit.

I watched the whole of the spelling again, mostly; i.e. I only fast forwarded a wee tiny bit. Mrs. Beers keeps popping in word origin and I love it! I'm afraid she'll tell me something like, "This is an example of how the French changed the Latin base by spelling with ai." or "This is a French word that would end in I, but you'll notice in English, we substitute, Y. You'll find this in the word "variety" also." I love those tidbits. I'm hoping they sink, sink, sink and my kiddos will be able to apply Latin principals to the other romance languages easily. I've got 3 interested in Spanish and another in French. We shall see!

Shrouded in zeal, I failed to notice there are not Building Codes in PR4! That is the spelling rules manual portion of previous levels. You, of course continue with Rule Tunes, though, so those rules are reinforced. You also continue with the Designing Codes, a.k.a. word study. You'll find a connection between spelling words and stems of the DC. That means you'll have -solv-, -solute- in the DC the same week you have solution and solve in the spelling list. Application, application, application! This also serves as the vocabulary portion of the curricula, as you will not only literally define everything in the DC, you will also look words up. This really cements both the spelling and word study, as your student will see how prefixes negate, suffixes change parts of speech, and how roots/stems/bases keep meaning in a variety of words. This is fantastic and transfers very nicely into history and science materials. I love when I see my students break down a science word b/c of Latin's beautiful, Baby! There will be 5 new stems in the three week period, totaling 35 words for word study/vocabulary.

You will continue to refer to Framing Codes from Level 3, the grammar section, a great deal in Disk 2, so make sure they're handy. How wonderful that your students creates a reference guide. I hope they feel a sense of pride to refer to their materials as trusted reference.  This disk brings about kinds of sentences, subjects, predicates, simple of each, collective nouns, work of nouns (subjects, direct objects), verbs, direct objects, object compliments, predicate adjectives, articles, descriptive adjectives, predicate nouns and DUM DUM DUM...DA DA...boom-boom, boom-boom....Diagramming! Mrs. Beers calls it Scaffolding, to stick with her Carpenter's analogy. Your student will take all the parsing practice and apply it to Scaffolding. I am impressed with how easy the transition from parsing to diagramming is. I remember the dread of diagramming for my Elders as they used a different program. I anticipate this being NO big deal for the rest of the Gang. Basically, you parse the sentences, then you "fill in the blanks" of a diagram. Within a couple of lessons, you draw your own scaffold. Seems pretty easy breezy!

The next three weeks in Carry On, Mr. Bowditch bring a few idioms, dictionary/thesaurus practice, a couple of character studies via research, note taking and dictation. Key word identification leads to note taking and remodeling a paragraph. There's some copy work, too. Of course, you are also reading a great story. All the while, you are reading aloud some historical information pertinent to the book, as well as, filling in a timeline.  I am always hard pressed to actually pace through the literature studies. They're so good I want to drop everything and do them all day long :) Of course, all that writing would exhaust my dc, so I really can't do it!

That's it for round two. I'll keep you posted :)

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