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Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Miss My Blog and Christmas Ponderings

I'm still running crazy getting all the stuff in order I need to and I miss my blog. Christmas decorations are up as of today. Nothing too fancy, really. I have a real love hate relationship with this holiday.

I hate commercialism, so I get generally sick to my stomach at the chaos and credit cards of the season. I love gift giving and receiving! I love that it gives my parents a chance to buy gifts for my children. My parents all live so far away and we really don't see them, so it makes them feel great to give gifts; they're simply used to Christmas gift giving. I'm more of a spontaneous gift buyer myself. Either way, we both share our love, so it is all good, just a different vernacular, I suppose.

I love Jesus Christ, but I know this isn't even His birth month, but a ploy of early religion to bring in the Pagans (head shaking). Besides, I want that we all should "adore Him" all the time, not just in December. So much for advent.

The sight of a pretty Christmas tree is... pretty, but kinda irritates me as again, Pagan. I have this dislike for Judeo Christian practices with Pagan origins and, yes, I realize culture changes the meanings behind many things, I just can't help it, I am a lover of history AND a bit of a purist. To some, I guess I'm a grumpy old woman, perhaps a Grinch in FL clothing. Regardless of my furry green complexion, I'll enjoy the lights in the park, but keep our decorations to a minimum, mostly just for fun and crafts for the kids.

I do love though, that some people who rarely smile get warm and fuzzy this time of year. I wish the warm would stay on them and that the fuzzy would at least appear a few times a year. We'll help with that by making Christmas cookies. How can I resist? I do, afterall LOVE cookies anytime of year and will gladly accept any excuse to have some sweet fun in the kitchen with The Gang.

So, I'm off again for some less gratifying work (paper grading). I do wish you all a merry Christmas, no matter how you celebrate it! May you remember what Christ did for you daily and if He is not a part of your Christmas, may you have fun doing whatever it is you do! Blessed times to all and to all a good night!


Jamie said...

Hi, I found you blog via The Well Trained Mind forum. I lurk there often. Looking forward to learning how you use TOG. I totally identify with your feelings about the Christmas season.

LaughingLioness said...

I've missed you, blogger buddy! = )


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