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Friday, November 5, 2010

Grammar and Literature Study in PR2

Here are the grammar applications in PR2, keep in mind there are songs to aid with memorization for many of these:

  • comparative adj.
  • common/proper nouns
  • adj (including questions and lists that fit into the questions they answer)
  • articles
  • subject pronouns
  • base verbs
  • action verbs
  • helping verbs
  • building verb phrases
  • object pronouns
  • linking verbs
  • predicate nominatives and pred. adj.
  • prepositions
  • possessive nouns
  • possessive pronouns
  • adverbs
  • verb tense
  • irregular verbs
  • conjunctions
  • grammar review
  • starting in week 1, you are parsing sentences. Each time you learn a new part of speech, you'll parse sentences to apply it, all the while reviewing the other parts of speech. There's no separate review section (like RS), it's all applied together -- just like it is in the real world. Application!
You also hit cursive handwriting at the end of PR2. Your first application, instead of arbitrary sentences is to write a grammar review, using the definitions already learned and practiced, into cursive writing. Application, application, application.

The lit. study will include:
  • application of the phonics learned in a chapter book of quality
  • author and illustrator bios
  • setting, character, plot
  • fables
  • summarization
  • seasons, spelling of months
  • illustrations of reading
  • abc order
  • plot
  • character evaluation
  • metaphor
  • simile
  • outlining
  • summary map
  • making a list for note-taking of the story
  • researching what you read to find information
  • commas
  • semi-colons
  • solving secret codes where letters equal a different letter (I cannot remember what this is called right now)
  • application of adj. by learning descriptive writing
  • character comparison
  • loads of dictation
  • paraphrase
  • animal tracks, research
  • family trees
  • active verbage versus passive verbage
  • journal writing
  • recipe writing
  • bee study
  • vocab: words in context
  • venn diagrams
  • order of events
  • character sketch

1 comment:

LaughingLioness said...

PR looks like a terrific program = )
I LOVED the discussions you've been started on TWTM- lots of food for thought. You did a great job keepign up with the zillion comments and I think lots of folks were thinking in areas- even us moms are being pushed deep instead of just wide-kwim? Thanks!! Hope your week-end is blessed and refreshing. Again, you inspire me with your diligence in getting so much done with all of the kids in your tribe. Blessings to you! Lisa


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