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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Time for an intentional hiatus

The holidays are around the corner; my paper grading is behind; I have about 200 books to sell or compile into the library; a Unit Celebration on the horizon; and I want to make cookies for dh's clients this year; and so, I need a computer hiatus. I'm gonna have to spend my personal time on less personal fun and more personal discipline. Kind of a bummer, kinda not. By the time I accomplish all of my goals, I'll be so happy b/c there will be order -- beautiful order. So, until I return, if you need me, email :) or comment here (I'll get an auto email). I'lll be missing this, I'm sure, but duties call and I'd like to enjoy my vacation come December, Not spend it cleaning! Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. I hope to be back ASAP!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Cursive in PR2

The Phonics Road teaches connective cursive. Essentially, this means taking manuscript and using a few simple strokes (short upswing, upswing, dip) connecting them together. I find the method easy to teach and more importantly, easy to learn. There are no fancy loops for capitals, which I also find advantageous.

One of my favorite factors in using PR is the application of all things learned. You don't find arbitrary lessons simply for practice. There is meaning behind everything. Cursive is no exception. After learning letter formation, the child practices cursive writing by applying it to a grammar review. Here is a sample. 

The Ax Man's sample. He's in 3rd grade.

The Ant's, a 2nd grader

Grammar and Literature Study in PR2

Here are the grammar applications in PR2, keep in mind there are songs to aid with memorization for many of these:

  • comparative adj.
  • common/proper nouns
  • adj (including questions and lists that fit into the questions they answer)
  • articles
  • subject pronouns
  • base verbs
  • action verbs
  • helping verbs
  • building verb phrases
  • object pronouns
  • linking verbs
  • predicate nominatives and pred. adj.
  • prepositions
  • possessive nouns
  • possessive pronouns
  • adverbs
  • verb tense
  • irregular verbs
  • conjunctions
  • grammar review
  • starting in week 1, you are parsing sentences. Each time you learn a new part of speech, you'll parse sentences to apply it, all the while reviewing the other parts of speech. There's no separate review section (like RS), it's all applied together -- just like it is in the real world. Application!
You also hit cursive handwriting at the end of PR2. Your first application, instead of arbitrary sentences is to write a grammar review, using the definitions already learned and practiced, into cursive writing. Application, application, application.

The lit. study will include:
  • application of the phonics learned in a chapter book of quality
  • author and illustrator bios
  • setting, character, plot
  • fables
  • summarization
  • seasons, spelling of months
  • illustrations of reading
  • abc order
  • plot
  • character evaluation
  • metaphor
  • simile
  • outlining
  • summary map
  • making a list for note-taking of the story
  • researching what you read to find information
  • commas
  • semi-colons
  • solving secret codes where letters equal a different letter (I cannot remember what this is called right now)
  • application of adj. by learning descriptive writing
  • character comparison
  • loads of dictation
  • paraphrase
  • animal tracks, research
  • family trees
  • active verbage versus passive verbage
  • journal writing
  • recipe writing
  • bee study
  • vocab: words in context
  • venn diagrams
  • order of events
  • character sketch

Monday, November 1, 2010

Some things make life easier for me

Welcome home new freezer. 
I lost the benefit of a second fridge recently, so I was doubly blessed when we inherited an energy efficient, beautiful commercial freezer! I can get ready for the busy days by cooking and freezing double batches. I can buy a few turkeys since they're on sale this month. I can store a few things for my church. I can shop sales again. YEAH! Hip, hip, hooray! for my new freezer!


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