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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Understanding Descriptive Writing and Applying It!

Darline yet Diva already knew how to write a paragraph; however in PR3, we've been working on notetaking and then transferring notes into descriptive, not fact based, paragraphs. This is a new skill for her and one that will give her a head start in Write Shop! Here is the paragraph she wrote from week 19 after taking notes from the first chapter.
   The Door Latch Inn is a warm, quiet, and peaceful place, where snacks lay out for journeymen and people can rest their heads. Upstairs are stools used as mounting blocks used for the high beds. Downstairs a long row of pegs hand hats and lanthorns. As the inn signboard creeks and window shutters flap, Elmira, the barn cat, lies and takes car of her six kittens. Across from the barn is a courtyard where a worn cobblestone path, lined with barrels of apples, leads to the cellar. Next to the courtyard, in Momma's kitchen garden stands a scarecrow and a shed for oxen.
Writing comes along nicely in this program and introduces it as a part of literary analysis or grammar, both making writing a skill to communicate and not a separate subject area. The inclusion teaches and encourages application and not just writing for writing class. What a difference I am seeing in her abilities to make crossover connections when compared to that of the Elders. It's a beautiful gift. Again, I offer thanks to Mrs. Beers.

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Dee said...

oh my goodness, this is so good! Can I just bring you home and you teach my boys writing, pleeeeease???


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