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Monday, October 11, 2010

Need to love on my blog AND Individualized Education

The past few weeks have been deeply dedicated to school. After a week of vacation, I wanted to make sure we were back on track, so I dug in my heels and took a moment to evaluate a few things. You know, over time, I have remembered many of the reasons I started home schooling in the first place, currently individualized education. You frequently hear home schoolers boast (yup I said, boast) about the 1:1 ratio home schooling provides and how this ratio allows us to meet the specific needs of our children. Then you read down to online siggys and see they have mainstreamed their household curriculum so much that you wonder just how individualized for each child. I confess, I am the Chief Sinner here. Sometimes, Father Time dictates our schooling instead of the Lord of Heaven and Earth -- GUILTY as charged! I have, however, over the years chosen materials that while I may use them with more than one, do allow for a certain amount of wiggle room between kiddos. Lest you think I'm bein' a "veteran meanie," please allow me to explain.

Tapestry of Grace is a great example. TOG lets me assign as much or as little as I choose and I've learned, against my strong will to "do it all," that individualizing is a far better choice than just boxing up TOG and assigning across the board. I assign different books to different children; different amounts of independent reading, and even different questions to answer and a variety of writing assignments. It has worked well over time.

This year I made our high school science studies both Living Book and Textbook in nature so both of the boys can benefit in their comfort zones.

I split math a couple of years ago and have decided we'll split Logic, also,as I've been advised that one logic course is more "mathy" and the other more "language" in nature.

Using The Phonics Road reaches all learning styles, so it fits the bill across the board.

Why am I sharing all of this? Well, I want to tell Blogland, you can't do it all. You just can't. There are so many wonderful things to cover and so many wonder way in which you can cover, but at the end of the day, you can't do it all, all of the time; so I encourage you CHOOSE WELL! Pick a focus and even more importantly, once you figure out the strengths of your kiddos, run with them! Be prepared, those strengths may change, so always build solid foundations in the basics. I encourage you to put in the work to approach things from whatever direction your child needs. Don't get so caught up in what you love as a teacher that you lose the benefit I mentioned first thing: individualized education. In the end, it will be SO VERY WORTH IT!

Here's an encouraging thread about doing it all and to what depth. In the end, here's something I've learned, The big picture is clearing up a bit for me. Perhaps, for those like me, it just takes time to get through the fog of all the "right stuff" and see the light; but either way, so long as I give my best, and leave the rest to the Lord, I'm hoping for our very own masterpiece in the end. Like all great works of art, not everybody will appreciate my style and I'm learning to be okay with that more and more" Create your own masterpiece, just be mindful that in the end, you're the most important critic and you Want to be pleased with your masterpiece.

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