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Thursday, October 28, 2010

From Benjamin West and His Cat Grimalkin: Remodeling Papa's Prayer, PR3 Week 20

This week in writing we practiced a skill I understand is commonly used in IEW, another outstanding writing program that is time tested and beloved amongst home schoolers: remodeling. We started with some thesaurus practice. Before looking up a provided list of words extracted from the prayer, we discussed the Latin meaning of thesaurus, essentially, "a book of treasures!" I particularly liked that! Then she searched and wrote several possible synonyms for each word. It was a nice time to be clear that a synonym is a word with a SIMILAR, not SAME, meaning. Creature lent to this nicely, as person was listed in the thesaurus, but in context of the prayer, Papa was obviously referring to animals.

After searching for all the words and jotting down synonyms, we remodeled the prayer. I completed the first two sentences with her and then she completed the rest on her own. I imagine, when I get here with the Little Leaguers, I will have to do the entire assignment with them. All in all, including a spelling test of twenty words, five new spelling words for which she dictated original sentences and identified parts of speech, and a review of all Latin pre/suffixes and base words, PR3 took 50  minutes today. Darling will study her Latin flash cards for ten minutes sometime during this day. So, 1 hour covered spelling, reading research, Latin, writing, grammar skills and phonics (she misspelled 2 words, so she had to mark them). Good stuff!

Yesterdays literature assignment included reading three pages, then researching to write down the hopes and dreams of two of the characters. This is a great exercise for looking for key pieces of information, re-reading for research and handwriting.

We'll spend tomorrow reading three more pages, then researching to focus on phrases (verb, prepositional, and infinitive). We'll practice a rule tune and add a new stanza to it! We'll start by dictating definitions, then we'll identify and categorize phrase types, then copy them to a notebook page (23 total).  We'll also add five more spelling words (with dictated original sentences and part of speech included, as always) and review Latin words. I don't think we'll spend more than forty-five minutes.

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