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Friday, September 10, 2010

Week in Review Sept. 6-10, 2010

History, geography, church history:

Family Read Aloud, Across Five Aprils by Irene hunt
Family Projects: Memorizing the Gettysburg Address; Dialectic and Rhetoric doing a Civil War battles project board.

Lower and Upper Grammar
We read The Classic tales of Brer Rabbit , which the boys thoroughly enjoyed, as did the Elders, as they managed to join into the read aloud time each day.We also read Abraham Lincoln for the third time. The Ax Man loves this book for some reason. We updated our presidents books, did a map study of the Confederate States and finished reading Harriet Tubman. We will take their chapter summaries over the next couple of weeks and edit them - it will be their first "paper." I'm excited for the little guys.  We also continued working through Abraham Lincoln is my Name...they'll be a video of this soon! They have spiced it up a bit and are so funny! I can't wait to share. They put vocabulary words from the session in ABC order and completed a geography test this week.

Upper Grammar (UG):
Oh my sweet Darling (yet Diva)...was a real darling. She finished up all her work early this week and started on the next rotation. She makes life wonderful. She also completed her associated worksheets and aced her geography test.

Lil' Mother wrapped up her week with her summary turned in on time, as well as the rest of her work and did a great job on her test. Her discussions are improving, I can really tell her brain is growing and she's making connections. I do need her to realize her books and questions are related a bit more, though. Sometimes, the little things get by her.

Rhetoric (R): These boys are driving me crazy. They must enjoy being behind b/c they just won't keep up. They're rushing through their work as I type b/c it's late and still need to take their tests. They can SO do this, they just choose distraction or laziness; either way, it's a battle of wills right now and um...they can't win, I'm simply too stubborn!

Physics: We spent the week free reading in science this week. It didn't matter what they did, only that they were reading for science 30 min. a day. They read about space, anatomy, animals, more on gravity and a few little things from our personal library. It was a nice light week with just a wee bit of notebooking.

High School Honors Biology:
Back on track and moving forward just fine. We'll have a discussion next Wed. Working through chapter 3 now in Apologia Biology.

Phonics Road - a complete Language Arts Program
Pre-level 1 Introduced "L" this week with no problem. We're still working through D and G, they seem to be "not sticking" for some reason, so we labor on. I need to get some Moncure books from the library this weekend.

Level 2: Finally finished and are just doing the grammar review. After another week of that, we'll learn cursive. We tested out of weeks 26 & 27 YEAH! So we started week 28 in spelling. We will use the Harriet Tubman paper I mentioned above as or writing focus over the next couple of weeks since we have already finished the level 2 literature study.

Level 3: Still marking parts of speech and completing a character study of Bob Fulton.

AtG skip counting and writing numbers greater than 30.

The Ant worked on picture graphs and making 10s.
Ax Man worked through subtraction and addition with 4 digit numbers, regrouping and not
DyD This entire week was filled with Practices and Review from the decimal section in Singapore.
Lil' Mother is working through Algebra via chalkdust and is on Chapter 6.
Bard worked on another 5 lessons in LoF Alg.
ROGD keeps plugging along happily with word problems and Mr. Mosely. ROGD seems to think if he watches the DVD for 30 min, that should be all of him math no. 20 problems per day -- period. (Can you tell I'm annoyed at him and his compadre?)

Write Shop We have begun Writing  A Concise Biography --- limited to 5 sentences and must use: appositives, -ly adverb as opening word, paired adjectives, and something else (I'm too lazy to check)

The Latin Road to English Grammar- Started the last chapter in Volume 1 -- 14! Looking forward to moving forward.

Logic and Editor in Chief...moving along as scheduled.

FLVS - HOPE - Bard is still crawling through HOPE and was none too pleased when I dragged him out of bed at 4:30 am to go to the gym. ROGD finished Drug and Traffic Safety with outstanding marks...if I could just get that same effort, I'd be so happy!

That sums it up. We're watching GOds and Generals tonight for family movie night to wrap up this 3-week TOG session. I'm looking forward to some salty popcorn and maybe even a lil' root beer!


Kash said...

Sounds like a good week! I love the Gettysburg Address - I think it's one of my favorite things I've made dd memorize. :)

Dee said...

Looks like another great week, Tina! I've been thinking about the driver's course for Adam from FLVS, but wasn't sure about it. Could you tell me a bit about it? The scheduling, and the difficulty of this course?

Norah said...

Looks like a great week to me!

LaughingLioness said...

You always get so much done! Hope this week was just as productive and you are doing fine...missing your posts!

Dee said...

Missed your posts this week. Hope and pray that all is okay.

Left you a little something at my blog. :)


CAB said...

thanks so much for dropping by my blog - you are one busy lady! I enjoyed reading about your busy times and what HE DID for you and your family! He provides for the littlest birds, why would He leave us helpless? :)


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