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Friday, September 3, 2010

Week in Review Aug.30 - 9/3, 2010

Fast week this week! Sometimes I can't believe how quickly we get through things. Let's start with the big victory....The A-bomb pooped on the potty...WOOT!
He also has begun requesting, "Miss Tina, I do my maf?" He hears his older brother, AtG, get to math each day, so he refers to drawing as his "maf."
History, geography, church history:

Family Read Aloud, Across Five Aprils by Irene hunt
Family Projects: Memorizing the Gettysburg Address; Dialectic and Rhetoric doing a Civil War battles project board.

Lower and Upper Grammar
We read about the Pony Express from and colored this page. Read Follow the Drinking Gourd, watched a video of it from the library and completed a worksheet from TOG.
We continue to work through these books, too.

Daily independent reading using the following books w/ a certain number of pages assigned daily. They are responsible for 3-5 sentences daily summarizing The Story of Harriet Tubman, Conductor of the Underground Railroad by Kate McMullan.
In the Beginning one topic area daily, about 1 paragraph
The Big Book of US Presidents or DK Presidents = T, Th one or two pages on one president
The Big Book of America - W, F only one state = 1 page
Civil War (A Library of Congress Book) 5 pages daily (at least 2.5 of those are great illustrations)
Upper Grammar (UG):
Continued reading the books below and finished Yankee Belles in Dixie by Gilbert Morris from her book her mother, she was hoping for details on marriage ;) 
The Civil War for Kids is Dialectic selection and I couldn't go through this time period without introducing Great Expectations. She LOVES Little Women, so she's reading it for the zillionth time. The Civil War! book will be gravy for the next 7.5 weeks, so she's reading 19 pages per week. There are some great illustrations in this one, too. She's also reading SOTW 4 as assigned in TOG. The Lincoln biographies in the picture will be used to complete a 4-week Writing Aids assignment on how to write a biography.
She completed The Last Safehouse, really thought it was a great book and is completing Little Women worksheets. She started a craft project (making a small bag via hand sewing).
She also is enjoying a little experimentation with scarves. She's love color, design and all things beautiful. She's so sweet. 

Lil' Mother continued reading books from last week ( Civil War!, The Civil War for Kids, Little Women and Great Expectations. In addition, she's using Abraham Lincoln's World, Streams of Civilizations 2 and The Gift of Music.)...lots of reading this week! Completed half of  the literature worksheet on Behind Rebel Lines and completed 2 on Little Women.  Only has 2 pages left in her Constitution Workbook. She started her project board of Civil War battles. Planned out the William Booth biography she will begin this weekend. She's also started her questions.

Rhetoric (R): They continue their Civil War adventure and learning about Europe's progress. In depth understanding of the Underground railroad and the political atmosphere during Lincoln's administration. continued progress on their Constitution Workbooks. They've begun answering questions for weeks 21 and 22 of TOG, with a Work-a-holic week coming up next week to finish up the 2-TOG weeks combined. They have also begun their literary analysis worksheets.  

combined above w/ history for D and LG; I'll touch on it in the Phonics Road section for UG; the boys are still working through Behind Enemy Lines and Great Expectations (reading this only).

Physics: UG and D continued independent study using their encyclopedias, a couple of living books and their Physics Pro kit. I only did nature study with LG this week. There have been some nice outdoor moments, so we took advantage of those and enjoyed some general life science outside together. We're finishing up a unit now, so we'll have discussions next Wed. and will begin a stage of biography (Galileo) on Monday.

High School Honors Biology:
The boys finished up living books to get them to "current" on our schedule. A few of the books they needed took longer than hoped for to arrive, so we played catch up via reading and summary writing.Microbe Hunters and an individual bio on Linnaeus and Pasteur.

Phonics Road - a complete Language Arts Program
Pre-level 1 continued with practice of G and added M to the mix. No problem there. G seems to be a bit tricky, so we're working through that and adding in some G word practice from enchanted learning. I did a complete oral review (I say it, he writes it on the board) and he did great! We continued work on blending and seem to be coming along nicely.
writing the letter M mmmm monkey, m&m, mini-marshmallow will come on Monday

Level 2: This week we carried on in Grammar with verb tenses, irregular verbs and conjunctions. You know we had to visit YouTube and sing Conjunction Junction a zillion times this week...still love those songs! In spelling, I slowed down and continued our study of weeks 26 &27. We added a few extra exercises in nonsense word reading (from Elizabeth's website) and took a piece of paper, folded it into 3 columns, and as I said the words, I had them write each word under the correct column of the sounds of the IE vowel team (/A/, /E/, /i/). The Ant is slowly but surely understanding the important of PHONICS and not sight words...darn sight words! We added conjunctions to our official sentence markings and dictated a lot of sentences this week, all full of markings.

Level 3: In grammar we began looking up and using our knowledge base to go through a page full of spelling words/day and identifying their parts of speech. The first day (2 pages) took forever, but by the third page (2nd day), Diva was really applying her understanding of the English language and I am very impressed at how such a simple task is really a wonderful review of grammar.
Our literature study in Robert Fulton, Boy Craftsman, we are seeing Bob grow up and become a young man who visits Ben Franklin in Philadelphia. I must be hormonal b/c when Diva read aloud the departure scene, I got teary eyed as Bob left his family in a rush. I was just as glad as Bob that it was a quick departure so I could stop my blubbering. We finished our Descriptive Words research; took notes on a paddle boats (an invention of Robert Fulton, which blossomed into the paddle boat powered by a steam engine), and turned those notes into a paragraph, which Diva then illustrated from all the descriptive words she used. We also added to the timeline of Fulton's life and listed many of the inventions that came out of Philadelphia, the cultural capital of the 13 colonies. 

AtG practiced writing numbers, dot to dot, shapes, and recognizing numbers in the thirties and fourties.

The Ant finished up Singapore 1A. He's earned his "end of math workbook" Slurpee ;) and will start 1B on regular pace. We'll take it slow from here on out. It was a nice confidence booster for him to finish up that workbook so quickly. Other than one episode, he's been a SUPER STAR STUDENT these past 2 weeks.
Ax Man worked through 2 practices and some word problems with multiplication and division.
DyD more decimals this week -- still holding a 100% average.
Lil' Mother is working through Algebra and complaining it's still review (from Singapore and MUS Algebra). I told her it will get harder soon enough.
Bard worked on another 5 lessons in LoF Alg.
ROGD keeps plugging along happily with word problems and Mr. Mosely. 

Write Shop We got through 2nd drafts of Describing an Animal in Write Shop.

The Latin Road to English Grammar- Started and worked out Lesson 13 this week. Almost finished with the first Volume! WOOT!

Logic and Editor in Chief...moving along as scheduled.

FLVS - HOPE - Bard is still crawling through HOPE, while ROGD is 1 test away from finishing Dr. Ed. He may do it tonight (Fri. pm).

And I have the pleasure of enjoying my blog time while my "Adopted Daughter" makes Paella. IT IS SO GOOD! And she's making enough that I may be able to eat it all weekend! Of course, you can't cook in my house without having at least one little helper. So now, Diva has on only one scarf and added her chef's hat ;) MMM I can't wait for dinner!

Have a super weekend!


LaughingLioness said...

O.k. Girlfriend-should I get TOG as our hisotry spine. I drool reading your WR!! We want to do Amer lit/hx this year -10th, 5th and 2nd.
Also, What is FLVS?
AND, I am so jealous that you are eating Paella! I LOVE that stuff. Could you pass along the recipe?
Another week of rocking at your house. I need the inspiration = ), so THANKS!

Robyn said...

I'm amazed at what you get done in a week! How nice to have someone cook for you! Can I borrow your "adopted daughter?" I need to find one!!

Tonia said...

Reading your report makes me want to look at Tapestry of Grace again (I'm trying not to give in! ;-) ) It looks like a great school week. Haven't read Little Women in ages and now I'm getting the urge to read it again. Have a good weekend!

Tina said...

Tapestry of Grace really makes it all happen for my family. Having it all planned out for me simply leaves ordering books (I get most of them from the library and choose to buy multi-week spines) and making copies so I can give each of the older children the opportunity to plan it out (and work on time management). Once you get comfy with the program (a few weeks) and decide just how much of it you want to're all set. I have a few posts about TOG, just look right to the topical index and you can read about "TOG's bad planning wrap" and how I organize our workload...easy breezy! Especially when compared to Me figuring out all the books on my own; writing assignments; maps; activities...for ALL FOUR levels....I love me some TOG!

I'll pass on the paella recipe soon. And my daughter hires out for weekends LOL!

Tina said...

Lisa, FLVS is FL Virtual School, the online, free, middle and high school for FL residents, which is also available for non-Floridians for cost. My boys are taking HOPE (Health Opportunities through Physical Education) for their health and PE credits and the oldest is taking Drug and Traffic Safety. Free high school credits are yummy!

MissMOE said...

Free high school credits ARE yummy and so is paella! Looks like a great week. What are you using for your high school biology?

Karen said...

I love your week. I bought TOG when my ds was in highschool because I was spending too much time trying to get enough information to lead discussions. Reading your week makes me look forward to when I'll cycle back to YR2 again so I can start it with the girls.

Wonderful week. You are amazing.


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