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I love the Lord as much as a broken person can; love and loved by my husband; blessed by 5 amazing little people who have helped me to learn much about me; grateful to serve even more as God gives them to me; blessed every day to be a home school teacher; college student; I hope to change the world by loving as many people as possible, because there is nothing greater than loving another.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just when I think about getting my Teacher's Certificate

I read this nonsense. Thank God for home schooling.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

To Twaddle is to Twiddle or Doodle; Neither Producing a Solid or Profound Noodle.

A great piece out of The Wall Street Journal, How to Raise Boys That Read brings a smile to this Classical Teacher's face :) The subtitle, Hint: Not with gross-out books and video-game bribes hits the nail on the head!
"According to a recent report from the Center on Education Policy, for example, substantially more boys than girls score below the proficiency level on the annual National Assessment of Educational Progress reading test. " 
I wonder how "early education" has affected this trend. We push, push, push pre-school now, and from what I understand regarding the history of education, this was simply not the case in older generations.I only went to K for half a day and my husband didn't even attend K, him mom taught him to read.
"Plato before him," writes C. S. Lewis, "had said the same. The little human animal will not at first have the right responses. It must be trained to feel pleasure, liking, disgust, and hatred at those things which really are pleasant, likeable, disgusting, and hateful."
So, true. Modern education searches for the right answers. So much of the problem is hurry up and read little boy so you can pass the standardized 3rd son took forever to take off with reading and now he's on the money, enjoying great books. If he was in p.s., I'm sure he'd be dubbed ADHD and performed poorly early on. Instead, he's wiggly and wry, and reads in his bed every night.
"meet them where they are"—that is, pander to boys' untutored tastes. For elementary- and middle-school boys, that means "books that exploit [their] love of bodily functions and gross-out humor." AP reported that one school librarian treats her pupils to "grossology" parties. "Just get 'em reading," she counsels cheerily. "Worry about what they're reading later."

Rubbish! This is probably a library with as many computers as books (another soap box for another post). Although we own the Grossology book and used it for science, meeting a boy where he is entails far more than butt-focused reading. My boys are all about adventure and Captain Underpants can't even touch Narnia, The Edge Chronicles, Frog and Toad, Wind in the Willows, even bible stories (sling shots and giants!).
"The secret to raising boys who read, I submit, is pretty simple—keep electronic media, especially video games and recreational Internet, under control (that is to say, almost completely absent). Then fill your shelves with good books...Who knows—a boy deprived of electronic stimulation might even become desperate enough to read Jane Austen. " 
Reminds me of Laughing Lioness I haven't seen the need for that sort of desperation, although I made them read Pride and Prejudice for history  :)

Screen time SURELY makes all the difference..just last night no video games meant 2 chapters of The Edge Chronicles for the Ax Man. We play and enjoy video games and more than enough t.v., but the truth be told, less screen time ALWAYS means more reading or card/board game play, even for Oman and I.

"Most importantly, a boy raised on great literature is more likely to grow up to think, to speak, and to write like a civilized man. Whom would you prefer to have shaped the boyhood imagination of your daughter's husband—Raymond Bean or Robert Louis Stevenson?" Knowing a lot of 20-somethings that were raised on games....all I can say is FOR REAL! The prospects for husbands are disheartening. Thank goodness there is a strong movement in home education. Even as Adopted daughter tells us regularly people in her college classes can't write, spell or identify parts of speech in sentences, "We were just discussing that today. That's sad." was her comment while I was reviewing grammar with the 2nd and 3rd grader!

"I offer a final piece of evidence that is perhaps unanswerable: There is no literacy gap between home-schooled boys and girls. How many of these families, do you suppose, have thrown grossology parties?" 
Great point. Capt. Uhura from the WTM Forum spoke well,
...the lack of gap between homeschooled boys and girls could be due to phonics instruction compared to public school. It is likely a multitude of factors. HSers are more likely to be reading to their kids from a young age, to model good reading habits, to have plenty of good books in the house, to use phonics......and depending on the kid, the presence of electronics may or may not impact the love of reading at all in boys. My boys would love to play computer games for 2hrs every day but then would also stay up late into the night reading or wake up early and find them in bed reading. Many things in life labeled as cause and effect when they are really just correlations. 
I think phonics and free time are major factors. We work long and hard days around here, but even now, 12:51, my 3rd grader and his faithful companions, The Ant and AtG, are out front, in ninja warrior costumes, yielding weapons of choice (palm frond and stick), climbing and story telling. Would they play Lego Star Wars if I let them? Surely! But I'd much rather have them read Star Wars, act it out, then watch the movie for fun on Friday night! They can save the gaming for the weekend!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Write Shop Sample for those whom requested more :)

by my 7th grader, Lil' Mother, these samples are lessons 9 & 10. Each lesson has specific requirements of what the student must include. Of my older students, she has had to work the hardest at writing. For elementary school, we focused on outlining, paragraph formation andinformative papers (at least 5 paragraphs). Write Shop has allowed us to work on different genres and develop her own personal style.

Lesson 9:
1st 2 sentences follow the "question-answer" format; no more than 2 be verbs; begin 1 sentence w/ paired adj; begin 1 sentence w/ a present -ing participial phrase

Spotted Sensation
What mammal runs like a speeding vehicle? This large dog like animal in size and build is a cheetah. The cheetah, also known as the hunting leopard and found in the savannas of Africa and India, occupies from fourteen square miles to 322 square miles, depending on gender. Purring and hissing, these carnivores also growl, whine, and make bird-like calls to communicate with other cheetahs. For speed Acinonyx jubatus’ claws are non-retractable and for antiglare, they have black tears all the way down to the mouth; both characteristics make them run faster and more agile. Sprinting after their prey, these solitary, black-spotted animals use their long, flexible bodies to bend leading to faster strides. Running approximately sixty to seventy miles per hour, cheetahs become a sensational spectacle to all.

Lesson 10: Writing a Concise Biography
no more than 1 be verb; begin 1 sentence w/ paired adj., a present participle; used an appositive in the topic sentence; begin closing sent. w/ an 'ly adverb; only allowed 5 sentences

The Great Emancipator
            Born in Kentucky, Abraham Lincoln received little education, only reading and writing, but his determined mind persuaded him to develop skills and grow into a self-taught lawyer, in the great state of Illinois. Rising up in politics, Abe matured into the sixteenth President of the United States in the 1860 election. Honest and humble, Lincoln gained an enormous amount of fame in history, especially because of the Civil War, signing the Emancipation Proclamation, Gettysburg Address, and becoming the first Republican President. The Railsplitter overcame quantities of harsh words from the South during the Civil War, and also avoided assassination several times. Sadly, this inspiration eventually failed to escape and in 1865 was assassinated at a celebration honoring the Civil War’s end.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Worthwhile Read  I'm beginning to think Lisa is another sister I have been separated from at birth...yet, in truth, I suppose it was the birth of our King that binds us :)

What our days look like, what we do, and a little of how we do it

This comes up a lot in home schooling conversations, so I'm pasting a response to a recent thread on the WTM Forum. You can go here to read the way others do it too. So many great ideas and encouragement that, YES! You CAN get it done!

We have 8 dc in grades 9,8,7,5,3,2,K, and 2yo. My scheduling solutions are 3 fold --- block teaching, a few DVD lessons, and choosing materials that lend nicely to independent work (always after instruction). The block teaching has been my saving grace, along with the organization of TOG! We also school 7 weeks on, 1 week off to avoid burnout (b/c we are doing so much with so many). This gives us 2 weeks off for Dec. holidays/Spring Break and a full month break in the summer.

We eat a snack before we start at 7am (bread of some kind + fruit) and we eat a solid breakfast and lunch around 9 and noon. We work 'til we finish, not until the clock says so. The dc know this, so they tend to work hard to finish and not delay so they can enjoy free time. We snack about 3pm have dinner anywhere from5-7 depending on extracurrics for the day. The toddler naps for about 2.5 hours after lunch. I do prepare breakfast in advance and freeze or we eat quickly prepared foods (hot cereal, oatmeal, hard boiled eggs, pre-made pancakes, french toast, sandwiches, burritos; lots of left overs for lunch; and I use the roaster or crockpot several times a week for dinner).

I spend Wednesdays with the Elders (dc in grades 7--9) going over Latin DVD, History and Science Discussions, Vocab, and teaching Writing (we Use Write Shop). The rest of the week, they work independently with a daily meeting where they can ask questions and have some daily accountability. 2 of those dc also need "periods" of time, so I set a timer for them throughout the day and sound the alarm that they need to move on to the next subject. On Wed, the Little League works on the computer doing drills and any independent work like reading. The ker has the day off. The Elders M, T, TH, F schedule is this:

The Elders

  1. math - 45 min (DVD programs) (1-lesson in LoF, Alg I; 20 problems in Alg2)
  2. vocabulary - 20 min (dictation, copy work, or original sentence writing for the same 4 words all week)
  3. Latin - 45 min (the program lends nicely to independent work, 1-lesson daily)
  4. Computer drill - 50 min (covering 5 subject areas)
  5. Science - 45 min. (schedule includes reading a few pages of text and/or living book; experiments, study guides)
  6. Writing - 45 min. (following 2-week schedule in Write Shop so it may be an editing or creating day)
  7. History - 45 min. (reading, answering ??, geography, etc. as prescribed by TOG)
  8. Elective - 20 min. (Logic varies by dc, but either 3 pages a day or 3 pages/2xweekly)
  9. Elective - 20 min
  10. Online PE/Health class - 30 min. (4 weeks per unit)
  11. Elective 20 min.
  12. HOMEWORK (anything they did not finish in their allotted time slots -- we do have to keep on track so we finish in our school year)
  13. Start at 7, finish by 4-5...yup, they have a very long day. The 9th and 8th grader do high school work, identical, save math. The 7th grader is a generally more diligent person than her brothers, so she's always finished by 3pm, and follows her own timeline. She also has less work, as appropriate for her grade level.

The rest of the week, I teach and spend time with the 5th, 3rd, 2nd and Ker. Our schedule looks like this:

Momma (LG = lower grammar 2nd, 3rd grade) (UG = upper grammar, 5th grader) The Ker joins in for sci/hist/bible
  1. 4:30 am rise and go to the gym w/ the Elders if they so choose)
  2. 7 am Bible/Hymns
  3. K phonics -- 20 - 30 min (includes phonics, handwriting, and read aloud)
  4. UG Teaching Block -- 1 hour (LA, math) (LG is doing computer work at this time)
  5. LG Teaching block -- until we're finished (LA, math, memory) (UG becomes independent at this point)
  6. History/Science rotating heavy and light days; heavy means lots with me, light means independent reading that will feed them a bit, but that I don't expect to be super in depth --- I am continually amazed, though, at what they remember.
The Little League (LG)
  1. bible/hymns 4 songs, 1 family devotion where the dc read aloud and we discuss
  2. assigned reading (we rotate b/t heavy history and science weeks, so the reading is the light week; about 5 pages per day w/ either sentence writing or narration after)
  3. computer drills (10min each: history/sci. vocab; math drills, geography, spelling....all games of some type using "our" stuff from other materials...all free too :))
  4. Language Arts w/ mom 15-30 min each: spelling (4-6 words 4x/wk, test Fri); grammar (teaching, practice); literature/writing (read aloud about 4 pages, activities like dictation, copy work, outlining)
  5. Memorization w/ Mom (5 min each inserted b/t LA: bible, poetry, history, misc)
  6. math w/ Mom (I don't have to teach every day b/c there are practice days built in. This means they each complete 1 Singapore lesson 4x/week w/ 7 Challenging Word Problems on Wed.)
  7. LA independent - finish anything we started together that I find suitable as independent work
  8. Math independent - after teaching time, they work on what I have already noted for them in their WB
  9. Memorization independent - 5 more min. on what was worked on as previously mentioned
  10. History or science w/ Mom - either way we read aloud; narrate/copy work/outline/ summarize; have vocab days; activities, games for about 40 min total (20 reading, 20 working)
  11. Bible Video w/ big sister in charge 30 min.
  12. They break once in the a.m. and once in the p.m. for some outdoor time.
  13. Breakfast and lunch get 30 min and about 20/day on cleaning up :)

We teach piano using Pianimals and currently, the 7th grader is teaching the LG boys every other day, where they practice what they did with her on the "other" day. After they finish Pianimals I, they are old enough to go on their own with Alfred's piano course.

We get it done using checklists for LG and planners for the 5th grader and up. The 2yo plays in sight and gets playdoh/fingerpaint, drawing, coloring, and outdoor play; otherwise, he just plays in the area next to the school table.

You can see our materials on the left side of this post; as well as, schedules and ideas for large family living (like meal preparation) in the topical index on the right. You can also see a Week in Review or two to see what we accomplish. People flatter me telling me we get a lot done, but it never seems like too much. We are diligent, but not stressed and we enjoy working....well, the teenage boys don't enjoy much right now except food and sleep, but I know they will grow out of that soon enough

It can be all done, you just have to commit to organization in all areas. It's a tough start, but once things are in place, you can quickly flow through it all b/c you're prepared and your family is self-disciplined and able.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One Lovely Blog Award

Graciously, Dee at Chosen that good part - Luke 10:42 has honored me with the One Lovely Blog Award.

The rules are to post three things that I think are lovely.

1. A godly, modestly dressed, and humble woman with a gentle and quiet spirit.

2. Colorful flowers in bloom.

3. Husband and wife holding hands.

Also, the acceptor has to post 3-5 lovely blogs whom she thinks deserve this award and inform them of it.

1. 4 Sweet Sisters....with 4 lovely girls and a heart for homemaking, Julie really has a lovely life...her blog is just one small part of it.

2. This lady of virtue at Large Family Mothering brings it ALL back to the Lord and for this, she is lovely.

3. I'm a broken record, I know, but Lisa at Golden Grasses speaks to me, so I find her blog most lovely.

4. and 5. get bounced back to Dee and Linda. They've both already received this award, but I can't leave them out. Their love and dedication to their families is ever so plain to see on their blogs that I must include them in my "lovely" list :)

I can't help but chuckle. I am certain that each of these humble ladies will be surprised to receive this acknowledgement and I suspect one of them won't even repost a "forwarded" type of award. Nonetheless, I acknowledge each of you and thank the Lord for you. Your presence in my life, even if virtual, is a blessing to my soul and a service to my family, even if they don't know it!

Monday, September 20, 2010

No week in review --- Just look what He's done! --- episode Aug 13-17, 2010

Well, this week brought a couple of surprises, so we only schooled Monday -- Wednesday. Some dear friends of ours moved their entire children's ministry in a few short days and as the end of the week drew near, it became obvious to my dearest Bubba / Oman that they could really use some more help. So on Thursday and Friday, the eldest boys and I headed to downtown Clearwater with them to help pack, move, donate, and clean up. WHEW! I honestly couldn't imagine we'd finish by the deadline, but with the grace of God, we surely did and as usual, my family was again reminded of Jehovah Jireh! Unfortunately, my camera is on the fritz, so I'll have to try for pictures a bit later.

The testimony of my friends move is amazing in and of itself, but that's their story to share, so I'll leave that to them; I will, however, share how the Lord moved for us. I continue to marvel how He does his due diligence if I am patient and do not complain His glory can shine. You see, we have more kiddos these days ;) and their presence has opened up a few needs in our family --- as Oman put it, the kitchen table was shrinking over the past few years! Of course, the children were actually growing and with the addition of our adopted family, we were running low on space. We made it work by placing a school desk next to the table so we could school and eat together, without being at the same table. Well, there's a song we sang many years ago, "Look what the Lord has done for us! Let us rejoice and be glad in it!" My new table is 4 feet wide and 8 feet long...a conference table that came from a bank. It's solid and in great condition. It can easily seat 11, just the right size for us and our extended family! Just look what He's done...

It doesn't stop there. Remember my inheritance of an amazing library? Well, He's done it again. I have tons of work ahead of me, but I was allowed to go through a few shelves of books and take what I wanted. There were many TOG titles in there :) AND some I already own. My plan is to list them for sale at some point and use the funds generated to contribute to the Elders future school materials or needs for Boy Scouts. Again, the Lord blesses beyond belief. Just look what He's done!

Now, having a place to put those books would generally be a problem, particularly since the bookshelves we already own are duck taped, stapled and nailed just to keep them upright. They really are a pathetic sight to bare. Well, 7 bookshelves later...a few real wood...and just look what He's done!

Office supplies were running low around here and I was secretly hoping for Linda's thick file folders and well...packing envelopes (to ship those books I'll sell), post it notes (my favorite), staplers & hole punch (keeping the kiddos away from mine), 2 in. thick file folders (no more tiny bit of coveting), file folders (on my last few), even file boxes (how I store TOG), a chalkboard (my wall was driving me kinda crazy b/c it's too bumpy), dustless chalk (the dust was REALLY driving me nutty), pencils galore and while I keep seeing those really cool IKEA hanging cups w/ S-hooks, I got a "silverware" dispenser that reminds me of IKEA and I feel so cool! Again, just look what He's done!

Add the cool layout cushion/couch thing the children can lay out in the living room and the can goods and disposable dishes to the mix and LOOK WHAT HE'S DONE! All at the expense of our Father, who richly blessed us. The only financial output was the pizza we ordered (with a coupon ;) ) b/c we were Wiped Out after 2 days of moving and Oman offered so I wouldn't have to cook that night.

In the past month: washer & dryer, computer, computer desk, clothing, food, plants, furniture, etc., etc., etc. always free, always right on time, always through people who Love Him, not that we should boast, but that He may be glorified.

If you saw our paychecks you might giggle (or cry, depending on your mood), yet here we are living on beautiful land, flowers blooming outside my desk window, room for 8 children to enjoy life and not be crowded, books to read, lessons to teach, and food to fill our bellies. If you ever wondered if God would provide your needs, just remember my family and KNOW, the if there is a name for God that we understand, Jehovah Jireh is surely it. He provides our every need, even the tiny little ones I only hope for, but never even request. He blesses us beyond richness and gives me every little thing I need to run this house smoothly for His glory. He relieves the burden of provision from my husband. He brings joy to the hearts of my children who learn to be in the world, but not of the world, even to the extent of material goods. We are nothing special, save we are His children, His people, His beloveds, His is through Him we find our identity and through His everlasting grace we are so well provided. If you don't know the love of the Father, just ask Him to reveal Himself to you...He will and you're life will be forever changed.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Week in Review Sept. 6-10, 2010

History, geography, church history:

Family Read Aloud, Across Five Aprils by Irene hunt
Family Projects: Memorizing the Gettysburg Address; Dialectic and Rhetoric doing a Civil War battles project board.

Lower and Upper Grammar
We read The Classic tales of Brer Rabbit , which the boys thoroughly enjoyed, as did the Elders, as they managed to join into the read aloud time each day.We also read Abraham Lincoln for the third time. The Ax Man loves this book for some reason. We updated our presidents books, did a map study of the Confederate States and finished reading Harriet Tubman. We will take their chapter summaries over the next couple of weeks and edit them - it will be their first "paper." I'm excited for the little guys.  We also continued working through Abraham Lincoln is my Name...they'll be a video of this soon! They have spiced it up a bit and are so funny! I can't wait to share. They put vocabulary words from the session in ABC order and completed a geography test this week.

Upper Grammar (UG):
Oh my sweet Darling (yet Diva)...was a real darling. She finished up all her work early this week and started on the next rotation. She makes life wonderful. She also completed her associated worksheets and aced her geography test.

Lil' Mother wrapped up her week with her summary turned in on time, as well as the rest of her work and did a great job on her test. Her discussions are improving, I can really tell her brain is growing and she's making connections. I do need her to realize her books and questions are related a bit more, though. Sometimes, the little things get by her.

Rhetoric (R): These boys are driving me crazy. They must enjoy being behind b/c they just won't keep up. They're rushing through their work as I type b/c it's late and still need to take their tests. They can SO do this, they just choose distraction or laziness; either way, it's a battle of wills right now and um...they can't win, I'm simply too stubborn!

Physics: We spent the week free reading in science this week. It didn't matter what they did, only that they were reading for science 30 min. a day. They read about space, anatomy, animals, more on gravity and a few little things from our personal library. It was a nice light week with just a wee bit of notebooking.

High School Honors Biology:
Back on track and moving forward just fine. We'll have a discussion next Wed. Working through chapter 3 now in Apologia Biology.

Phonics Road - a complete Language Arts Program
Pre-level 1 Introduced "L" this week with no problem. We're still working through D and G, they seem to be "not sticking" for some reason, so we labor on. I need to get some Moncure books from the library this weekend.

Level 2: Finally finished and are just doing the grammar review. After another week of that, we'll learn cursive. We tested out of weeks 26 & 27 YEAH! So we started week 28 in spelling. We will use the Harriet Tubman paper I mentioned above as or writing focus over the next couple of weeks since we have already finished the level 2 literature study.

Level 3: Still marking parts of speech and completing a character study of Bob Fulton.

AtG skip counting and writing numbers greater than 30.

The Ant worked on picture graphs and making 10s.
Ax Man worked through subtraction and addition with 4 digit numbers, regrouping and not
DyD This entire week was filled with Practices and Review from the decimal section in Singapore.
Lil' Mother is working through Algebra via chalkdust and is on Chapter 6.
Bard worked on another 5 lessons in LoF Alg.
ROGD keeps plugging along happily with word problems and Mr. Mosely. ROGD seems to think if he watches the DVD for 30 min, that should be all of him math no. 20 problems per day -- period. (Can you tell I'm annoyed at him and his compadre?)

Write Shop We have begun Writing  A Concise Biography --- limited to 5 sentences and must use: appositives, -ly adverb as opening word, paired adjectives, and something else (I'm too lazy to check)

The Latin Road to English Grammar- Started the last chapter in Volume 1 -- 14! Looking forward to moving forward.

Logic and Editor in Chief...moving along as scheduled.

FLVS - HOPE - Bard is still crawling through HOPE and was none too pleased when I dragged him out of bed at 4:30 am to go to the gym. ROGD finished Drug and Traffic Safety with outstanding marks...if I could just get that same effort, I'd be so happy!

That sums it up. We're watching GOds and Generals tonight for family movie night to wrap up this 3-week TOG session. I'm looking forward to some salty popcorn and maybe even a lil' root beer!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Week in Review Aug.30 - 9/3, 2010

Fast week this week! Sometimes I can't believe how quickly we get through things. Let's start with the big victory....The A-bomb pooped on the potty...WOOT!
He also has begun requesting, "Miss Tina, I do my maf?" He hears his older brother, AtG, get to math each day, so he refers to drawing as his "maf."
History, geography, church history:

Family Read Aloud, Across Five Aprils by Irene hunt
Family Projects: Memorizing the Gettysburg Address; Dialectic and Rhetoric doing a Civil War battles project board.

Lower and Upper Grammar
We read about the Pony Express from and colored this page. Read Follow the Drinking Gourd, watched a video of it from the library and completed a worksheet from TOG.
We continue to work through these books, too.

Daily independent reading using the following books w/ a certain number of pages assigned daily. They are responsible for 3-5 sentences daily summarizing The Story of Harriet Tubman, Conductor of the Underground Railroad by Kate McMullan.
In the Beginning one topic area daily, about 1 paragraph
The Big Book of US Presidents or DK Presidents = T, Th one or two pages on one president
The Big Book of America - W, F only one state = 1 page
Civil War (A Library of Congress Book) 5 pages daily (at least 2.5 of those are great illustrations)
Upper Grammar (UG):
Continued reading the books below and finished Yankee Belles in Dixie by Gilbert Morris from her book her mother, she was hoping for details on marriage ;) 
The Civil War for Kids is Dialectic selection and I couldn't go through this time period without introducing Great Expectations. She LOVES Little Women, so she's reading it for the zillionth time. The Civil War! book will be gravy for the next 7.5 weeks, so she's reading 19 pages per week. There are some great illustrations in this one, too. She's also reading SOTW 4 as assigned in TOG. The Lincoln biographies in the picture will be used to complete a 4-week Writing Aids assignment on how to write a biography.
She completed The Last Safehouse, really thought it was a great book and is completing Little Women worksheets. She started a craft project (making a small bag via hand sewing).
She also is enjoying a little experimentation with scarves. She's love color, design and all things beautiful. She's so sweet. 

Lil' Mother continued reading books from last week ( Civil War!, The Civil War for Kids, Little Women and Great Expectations. In addition, she's using Abraham Lincoln's World, Streams of Civilizations 2 and The Gift of Music.)...lots of reading this week! Completed half of  the literature worksheet on Behind Rebel Lines and completed 2 on Little Women.  Only has 2 pages left in her Constitution Workbook. She started her project board of Civil War battles. Planned out the William Booth biography she will begin this weekend. She's also started her questions.

Rhetoric (R): They continue their Civil War adventure and learning about Europe's progress. In depth understanding of the Underground railroad and the political atmosphere during Lincoln's administration. continued progress on their Constitution Workbooks. They've begun answering questions for weeks 21 and 22 of TOG, with a Work-a-holic week coming up next week to finish up the 2-TOG weeks combined. They have also begun their literary analysis worksheets.  

combined above w/ history for D and LG; I'll touch on it in the Phonics Road section for UG; the boys are still working through Behind Enemy Lines and Great Expectations (reading this only).

Physics: UG and D continued independent study using their encyclopedias, a couple of living books and their Physics Pro kit. I only did nature study with LG this week. There have been some nice outdoor moments, so we took advantage of those and enjoyed some general life science outside together. We're finishing up a unit now, so we'll have discussions next Wed. and will begin a stage of biography (Galileo) on Monday.

High School Honors Biology:
The boys finished up living books to get them to "current" on our schedule. A few of the books they needed took longer than hoped for to arrive, so we played catch up via reading and summary writing.Microbe Hunters and an individual bio on Linnaeus and Pasteur.

Phonics Road - a complete Language Arts Program
Pre-level 1 continued with practice of G and added M to the mix. No problem there. G seems to be a bit tricky, so we're working through that and adding in some G word practice from enchanted learning. I did a complete oral review (I say it, he writes it on the board) and he did great! We continued work on blending and seem to be coming along nicely.
writing the letter M mmmm monkey, m&m, mini-marshmallow will come on Monday

Level 2: This week we carried on in Grammar with verb tenses, irregular verbs and conjunctions. You know we had to visit YouTube and sing Conjunction Junction a zillion times this week...still love those songs! In spelling, I slowed down and continued our study of weeks 26 &27. We added a few extra exercises in nonsense word reading (from Elizabeth's website) and took a piece of paper, folded it into 3 columns, and as I said the words, I had them write each word under the correct column of the sounds of the IE vowel team (/A/, /E/, /i/). The Ant is slowly but surely understanding the important of PHONICS and not sight words...darn sight words! We added conjunctions to our official sentence markings and dictated a lot of sentences this week, all full of markings.

Level 3: In grammar we began looking up and using our knowledge base to go through a page full of spelling words/day and identifying their parts of speech. The first day (2 pages) took forever, but by the third page (2nd day), Diva was really applying her understanding of the English language and I am very impressed at how such a simple task is really a wonderful review of grammar.
Our literature study in Robert Fulton, Boy Craftsman, we are seeing Bob grow up and become a young man who visits Ben Franklin in Philadelphia. I must be hormonal b/c when Diva read aloud the departure scene, I got teary eyed as Bob left his family in a rush. I was just as glad as Bob that it was a quick departure so I could stop my blubbering. We finished our Descriptive Words research; took notes on a paddle boats (an invention of Robert Fulton, which blossomed into the paddle boat powered by a steam engine), and turned those notes into a paragraph, which Diva then illustrated from all the descriptive words she used. We also added to the timeline of Fulton's life and listed many of the inventions that came out of Philadelphia, the cultural capital of the 13 colonies. 

AtG practiced writing numbers, dot to dot, shapes, and recognizing numbers in the thirties and fourties.

The Ant finished up Singapore 1A. He's earned his "end of math workbook" Slurpee ;) and will start 1B on regular pace. We'll take it slow from here on out. It was a nice confidence booster for him to finish up that workbook so quickly. Other than one episode, he's been a SUPER STAR STUDENT these past 2 weeks.
Ax Man worked through 2 practices and some word problems with multiplication and division.
DyD more decimals this week -- still holding a 100% average.
Lil' Mother is working through Algebra and complaining it's still review (from Singapore and MUS Algebra). I told her it will get harder soon enough.
Bard worked on another 5 lessons in LoF Alg.
ROGD keeps plugging along happily with word problems and Mr. Mosely. 

Write Shop We got through 2nd drafts of Describing an Animal in Write Shop.

The Latin Road to English Grammar- Started and worked out Lesson 13 this week. Almost finished with the first Volume! WOOT!

Logic and Editor in Chief...moving along as scheduled.

FLVS - HOPE - Bard is still crawling through HOPE, while ROGD is 1 test away from finishing Dr. Ed. He may do it tonight (Fri. pm).

And I have the pleasure of enjoying my blog time while my "Adopted Daughter" makes Paella. IT IS SO GOOD! And she's making enough that I may be able to eat it all weekend! Of course, you can't cook in my house without having at least one little helper. So now, Diva has on only one scarf and added her chef's hat ;) MMM I can't wait for dinner!

Have a super weekend!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Can you guess from where these words come?

uncedlyp, tesslate, hensifoo, brialpa, cavel, tesslate, evervav, redricr, kedgendu, jamme, inentsme, speripsu, nses, supess, giciseas, scraic, rests, bastedin, chealo, mandret, leamon, inonterg, conispeu, facomne, venche, urioner, supest, bress

The amazing difference of a Worship Started Day

Had a beautiful worship time with my son on guitar, my daughter on piano, and the sweet sound of my family (including the Greens) sending praises to our Lord. It was beautiful. I am so fortunate to live this life in this way. It honestly gets things started off in a much better way when we begin by giving glory to our King. I am a blessed woman, even though I oft forget such....for today, I remember and for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Alleluia. Let me share the lyrics for a favorite worship song...

The Valley Song by Jars of Clay
You have led me to the sadness
I have carried this pain
On a back bruised, nearly broken
I'm crying out to you

I will sing of Your mercy
That leads me through valleys of sorrow
To rivers of joy

When death like a Gypsy
Comes to steal what I love
I will still look to the heavens
I will still seek your face

But I fear you aren't listening
Because there are no words
Just the stillness and the hunger
For a faith that assures

Chorus x2

Alleluia, alleluia
Alleluia, alleluia

While we wait for rescue
With our eyes tightly shut
Face to the ground using our hands
To cover the fatal cut

And though the pain is an ocean
Tossing us around, around, around
You have calmed greater waters
Higher mountains have come down



Alleluia, alleluia
Alleluia, alleluia

Alleluia, alleluia alleluia, alleluia
Alleluia, alleluia alleluia, alleluia

Chorus (4 Xs)

Oh, Lord sing of Your mercy,
Your mercy


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