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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What's Cookin'? Meal planning made easy

Mealtime can be a real time sucker around here. We try and rush through breakfast and lunch so we can get back to school and then allow for a long and slow dinner so we can talk and enjoy mealtime. In order to save a few minutes here, a few minutes there, I plan a month's worth of meals and follow a boring schedule of the same foods weekly for breakfast and lunch, with the same "main idea" for dinner. Before we start school, the dc are allotted a toast/bagel/croissant and a fruit serving and with lunch a serving of veggies, and always veggies and salad for dinner. Two snacks daily provide more fruits and veggies and probably some Ramen noodles and pbj. Here's our school meal plan:

Mon. - Sunday; breakfast; lunch (L.O. means leftovers).
Mon - burrito, L.O.
Tues - Momma McMuffin; spaghetti and meatballs
Wed - Muffins, hard-boiled eggs; tuna-veggie-mac-n0cheese
Thurs - oatmeal; beans and rice
Fri - hot cereal; burgers and fries
Sat - cold cereal; sandwiches
Sun - jumbo breakfast :) waffles/pancakes/french toast, sausage/bacon, eggs, fruit, juice; snack b/c we eat dinner early on Sundays.

Our main ideas for dinner are based on the night of the week and my gumption :) so we have:
Mon - pork
Tues - beef
Wed. - frozen casserole (lasagna, mac-n-cheese, pot pies, etc)
Thurs - chicken
Fri - fish
Sat - taco
Sunday - spaghetti

I often get in the mood for vegetarian, so if I feel like it, we'll skip a meat night (or two) and have something with beans or lentils.  I also make sure one main meal is some sort of salad with meat as an ingredient. Dh likes meat. I gotta make it for him :) Having the general idea allows me to shop sales b/c I know I'll use 4 chicken meals a week, etc. I also incorporate left overs wherever possible, so I can drop any old meal in any old day.
I am looking forward to trying some recipes from TWTM forum, especially those breakfast bars and cookies --- they sound really yummy!
What's your favorite recipe? I'd love for you to share!

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