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Friday, August 20, 2010

Week in Review Aug. 16-20, 2010

Whew! This week flew by. I can't believe it's Friday, already. I even missed last weeks WiR. Too much to do, too little time! I miss my summer bloggathons.

History, geography, church history:
Lower and Upper Grammar
We rounded out our studies of 1800's China and Japan by reading about the lives of Children, fashion, shoguns, and really worked on geography. We completed some simple activity/lapbooks that we'll piece together next week and then I'll post pictures.  We also finished our biography of Hudson Taylor -- what a story filled with miracles. Truly incredible life for Christ and most inspiring. We also continued our study of Florence Nightengale.

Dialectic and Rhetoric
We talked about Asia: Japan and China, the Crimean War and how it ended the Concert of Europe; as well as, the geography of the war; the rapid expansion of the telegraph network (submarine cables are pretty cool and rather impressive); the presidency of Franklin Pierce the Kansas-Nebraska Act, Gadsden Purchase, and Ostend Manifesto. We're building up to the Civil War. I can't wait. It's a tragic time in our nation's history,  but most interesting and poses many opportunities to talk about humanitarianism. I'm looking forward to it.
We also finished up and wrote a summary on Hudson Taylor. It was a nice family read aloud.

Grammar: more poetry with Emily Dickinson
Dialectic and Rhetoric, including DyD read Tom Sawyer and studied the kinds of characters for literary analysis. TOG shines here and I LOVE IT!
All grammar and Dialectic:
We studied speed, gravity and velocity. We have a great experiment coming up with a sailcar we made, I just need to grab one little things to complete the project.

High School Honors Biology:
We had our first discussion over the intro., info. on bio, classification and cell types. Good stuff. We read and wrote a paper about Carl Linneaus with another in the works for Pasteur. Once a book arrives, we'll be starting a pond project which will count for Bio. and Boy Scouts :)  The boys are already enjoying Bio. much more than Gen. Sci. and Noeo Chemistry. They are also finding out Momma means business for high school. They're working their tales off so they don't lose privileges.

Phonics Road
Pre-level 1 still working through c, o, a, d and starting blending words this week: cod and cad. It's a slow process, but moving along nicely. AtG is an eager and pleasant student.

Level 2: In language arts, we sang what we dubbed, "Silly Songs with Mrs. Beers." You've heard of Silly Songs with Larry, no? Well, Veggie Tales offers such, and Mrs. Beers offers a silly song to learn when to use IE or EI. My kiddos can spell neither, weird, foreign, sovereign, forfeited, leisure, seizing, either, heifer's, counterfeit, protein -- pretty nice spelling list for 2nd and 3rd grade. Have I mentioned I love PR!?!  We also focused on adverbs and verb tenses this week.

Level 3: Finished up to week 10 in Robert Fulton using acrostic poetry, outlining, note-taking and paragraph formation. In grammar we studied nouns, possessive pronouns, and adverbs. We're waaay ahead in spelling still, so we have a few weeks before we start that again.

AtG practiced writing letters and did some addition exercises.
The Ant worked on number families and understanding parts, wholes and the Communicative Property in General (no, he doesn't know that's what it's called)
Ax Man reviewed much this week and moved forward in his understanding of place value.
DyD worked on multiplication of decimals.
Lil' Mother worked on decimals in algebra
Bard worked through Tri and Quad-nomials in LoF and started on square roots of trinomial equations.
ROGD did functions, graphs, calculating graphs, domain, range, linear equations, slopes, etc.

Write Shop finished up lesson 8 and started 9. Still loving the program.

We also made expected progress in Latin and Logic. We're doin' alright over here. Pushing my boys to be proficient is a challenge, but one I think we'll figure out soon enough. Quizlet and Purpose Games brought us the practice we need and hammered out those vocabulary words -- all bazillion of them!

Finally, we joined a church this week, St. James AME. Small and, yes, mostly black. I have a love for the passion of black folks. It's something you either understand or don't. We all feel at home and are so pleased to be a part our new church family. It's a lovely little place full of passion for Jesus, love for community, and waiting for the Holy Spirit to move and move and move. It's happy to find a home.

See ya'll next week. Hope you had a wonderful one too!


Homeschooling6 said...

Can I just say, you ROCK! =) you all are doing great. Keep up the good work. I'm so scared. We start Sept. 7th. Eeeks!

Kash said...

Sounds like a great week - busy, but good! :)

Daisy said...

Wow, you've got a lot going on at your house! Sounds like a wonderful week. My oldest is in 6th so I'll be interested in keeping up with your upper level updates. (Yes, I'm already planning. LOL).

Robyn said...

Very productive week! I can't imagine HS... I'm sure that's a new challenge for the lot of you! I need to get a little tougher on my ds who's in his last year of grammar stage. Congrats on joining the church. Sounds like a great place! I enjoy reading your posts!

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

Sounds like you had a very, very productive week!! I have a question--whar is PR? I'm intrigued by your "Silly Songs"!

Dee said...

Your week looks lovely and so rich. I don't know how you do it. I have my kids on mostly self instructional curriculum and I'm exhausted and here you are doing so much, I really admire you!

I'm so happy that you found a church that you love and feel God's love for your brothers and sisters in Christ. We are latino and also look for a very diverse church. We haven't been able to find one since moving back to where we are now, but are in prayer about it. It is so important for the Lord's children to fellowship in a diverse church. This is more like the church of Acts and more in line in what God has in mind when we are to come together with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Many Blessings!!

dawn said...

Fun to see your week ... the history together but separate for depth, and the depth you're able to achieve, is great!

Tina said...

I started reading through high school threads on WTM 2 years ago. There is some wonderful information there.

Amy, PR is the Phonics Road. I ADORE this program. I have blogged about it; check out my topical index on the left.

Dee, I am really happy with the diversity of the church. It is mostly AA (it is an AME church), but there's a growing population of diversity there. Just my gang brings at least 6 caucasinish folks ;) and my dear adopted daughter is Cubana(I'm 1/2 hispanic, but you'd never know, yo soy gringa excepto con comida...te amo la comida mexicana mmmmm)

Dawn, the variety of depth is completely owed to TOG. It is fabulous!

Thanks for the love, everyone. I'm off to watch a momma's chick flick to wind down from this busy week and I am even going to sleep in tomorrow! WOOT!

LaughingLioness said...

You are rocking, Girlfriend. Is TOG your spine for history? I need one, still ; }. I'm glad you found a church and can relate to what your saying! Sounds like a terrific week- you are an inspiration!!

Tina said...

Yes, Lisa, TOG is my spine. It makes my life so much easier than the days when I planned it all out on my own. I follow it pretty precisely for Rhetoric and Dialectic and with grammar stages and Dialectic, I may substitute from my own library (a lot of Sonlight books) and add in Enchanted Learning things to make workbooks or lapbooks. It's a real life saver for me!

Monica . . . said...

Tina, I stand amazed at what you continually accomplish. You go, girl!



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