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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Good times with Write Shop

Today we began our first Write Shop lesson of this school year. We are on Lesson 8, Explaining a process via Informative Writing, specifically, Arranging in Time Sequence Order. As the practice paragraph, the children were told to write explicit instructions on making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. What a riot.

We started with Rockin' Out Guitar Dude. Although they don't really need to include the detail of opening the jars, I did give them a good laugh and used the spatula to pound all over the jar. He neglected to direct where to spread the peanut butter (on the second piece of bread), so I spread it over the jelly...that doesn't work well. We all giggled.

Then came Bard and Book Devourer. BaBD said to place both condiments facing down, so we ended up with a sandwich, jelly side to the plate. Hilarious.

Finally, Lil Mother instructed to spread the peanut butter, "Not long after, spread the jelly on the other slice of bread." Well, she was trying to use transitional words, bless her heart, but "not long after" was too funny, so I had to walk around the kitchen whistling for a short time, did a little dance, then got back to the sandwich. It was pretty funny! We all cracked up.

Anyways, I thought I'd share how we can enjoy a lesson and how nicely Write Shop facilitates a little joy in learning. If you're looking for a great instructional program for both teacher and student, Write Shop is wonderful.

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Dee said...

I've always been interested in that program. It's nice to know that the lessons are so doable. I may consider this for Josh's future writing. It sounds like you all had such fun!


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