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I love the Lord as much as a broken person can; love and loved by my husband; blessed by 5 amazing little people who have helped me to learn much about me; grateful to serve even more as God gives them to me; blessed every day to be a home school teacher; college student; I hope to change the world by loving as many people as possible, because there is nothing greater than loving another.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Emily by Michael Book Review

Emily by Michael Bedard, pictures by Barbara Cooney is a lovely read about a little girl who befriends her reclusive neighbor, Emily Dickinson.
"What is poetry?" I asked.
He laid the wilted petals in his palm. "Listen to Mother play. She practices and practices apiece, and sometiems a magic happens and it seems the music starts to breathe. It sends a shiver through you. You can't explain it, really; it's a mystery. Well, when words do that, we call it poetry."
 While reading this book, even the five year sat still and quiet, listening to the warm and steady breathing. It was captivating and delightful.  Definitely a book we will revisit and enjoy many times over.


Sydni said...

We read this book last year and loved it. I had forgotten about it, so thanks for reminding me of it!

Dee said...

I'm going to see if my library has this. Thank you for the review!

Dee :)


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