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Friday, July 2, 2010

Week in Review June 28-July 2, 2010

This week has continued our summer lite program of one math lesson, quiet reading, and games. My 2 eldest are jammin' at Boy Scouts, so the house is quieter than usual. I decided I had better kick my lesson planning into high gear, so I've dropped AtG's reading instruction for a couple weeks. We're still reading Moncure, however; I MUST get physics for 4 students planned or I'm gonna be in trouble in a few short weeks! EEK!

Here's something I love about summer lite ~ more child led learning. It's easy to be so free when I don't have so many subjects to cover. Here's a sample of a beautiful child led morning this week.

Alexander the Great asked, "Miss Tina, wouldn't it be cool if we had a giant blueberry in the backyard?"

"You mean like the one from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?"


"We could go right out back and take a bite. That's a log of blueberry."

"Someone could be very big and eat it in one bite."

"You mean, like a giant?"


"Their used to be giants on earth, you know."

"Real ones? Like in movies?"

"Real people taller than our ceiling.  David fought Goliath and Goliath was a giant."

I pulled out 1 Sam and read all about young David and Goliath. We calculated just how tall Goliath was and all laid on the ground to see how we were not-so-tall :) It was sweet.

During breakfast, I showed them the seeds of a banana on its last leg. they were just beginning to brown, so they could really see the seeds. We have been talking about birds carrying seed, dropping poop (boy humor is beloved, Lord help me!) and that there are other ways of seed dispersal since we discovered a vine covered in berries earlier in the week. I pulled out Apologia Elem. Botany, read about seed dispersal. They listened at the edge of their seats.

This isn't how we always school, but when one day just flows so nicely, you have to stop and love it.

May you all have wonderful school times where teaching and learning is a pleasure and may we all continue educating ourselves so we can have the confidence to teach best.


Alicia said...

We read a book talking about David, which was cool because I had just read the book of Samuel which we discussed afterwards..Thats so

Robyn said...

I love your David story! Nice "teachable moment!" We studied plants this last spring and the boys LOVED the whole "animals eat fruit, then drop the seeds" thing! That was a topic of conversation for awhile! Guess they won't forget it, huh? Sounds like fun at your house this week! Gotta love summer!

Moonbeam said...

Isn't it nice to be able to relax and pay attention to what is right in front of you rather than trying to make it all fit?


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