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Friday, July 30, 2010

Week in Review July 26-July 30, 2010

Well, it's the final week of vaca and I have been putting the finishing touches on school while the children have enjoyed some play, time with friends, and afternoon movie time to avoid the heat. Here are pics of our school house. I say school house because we don't have dedicated school space, it has kind of taken over our home. Funny how it used to bug me to see school everywhere, now it kinda bugs me not to. My goal was to create learning spaces where any child could sit with their backs to the rest of the house and attempt to focus -- it gets kind of loud around here :)

  Lil' Mother helped me with the sewing of curtains, thank you Beautiful, and The Elder Brothers helped me move around furniture and connect electronics, thank you strong young men. It is a real blessing to have capable older children to help with the little, time consuming things. My babies bless me :) and the rest did a great job of playing outside and helping watch the A Bomb while I worked all summer. I am thankful for their faithfulness. 

Otherwise, I've entered our first 7-week session in my planner so I'm ready to go. I have a few finishing touches to complete this weekend, otherwise, it's onward and upward to a great 2010-2011 school year. 

up close of the floral curtain
Our new curtains that will remind me of all the seed planting and blooming we'll discover in the details this year!


Weekly book basket reading selections for science and history.

Piano basket with all music books.

Science discover basket with mini-microscopes, magnifying glasses, and stethoscopes.            
Work station with math focus, especially for grammar school kiddos. The toys, extra clothes and bible videos are nicely stored under or to the side of the table :)
Up close of math helps. We're memorizing math words this year as part of our memory work.
These two boards will be used for spelling and math practice and any kinds of races we have. One is a white board, the other is the chalkboard below. They are separated by a small peek through sun window.
Blackboard and cubby bookshelf for The Little League, with curtain cover ala Lil' Mother.  Notice my pretty baskets up top? Full of markers and magnetic letters for the wee ones. On the bottom of the bookshelf are family school supplies.
under the curtain :)
I removed a white board that was difficult to clean and put up some chalkboard paint. I hate the dust, but it is already an improvement form the tough to clean board. Notice the bookshelves below with curtains?
My "work station" includes our spines for science and history, library books, and my teacher's manuals. Notice my sweet little basket to match the curtains? It holds my markers and chalk. Behind it is my microphone/camera box and a timer. I live and die by those timers!
The Elder Brothers Desk. It is in a small space just off of the kitchen -- a bit quieter than the main room. 
The Elder Brothers Cubby space, still a work in progress. Bard is adding his stuff right now. One or the other of the brothers is generally at work there.
Kids computer work station. There is a strange little space in our house that fits a small desk or averaged sized bookshelf. I decided to make it the computer station, again seeking to give a quiet working space. I still have to buy a hanging light b/c the space is unlit, but the tiny spot is perfect for one person and will work wonderfully to complete their daily computer work. 
Well, now you know why I say school house :) I won't add my desk photos right desk is ONE HOT MESS at the moment! Enjoy your school year's friends.


Kash said...

It's all so pretty! I love it! We have a dedicated "school area," but like you say, I think the entire house is becoming a "school house." :)

Tifani said...

You have such great school spaces! I need to save this page and use it for inspiration.

Dee said...

I love the curtains. I love combinations of browns with blues/turquoises, and with peach, too!

Love the way you already have everything organized for your next school year. It motivates me to get on it and get things moving. I have 95 percent of what I need, but just can't get into getting it all organized and I need to get a move on that.

And I wuv du widdow doggy! There's just something about a boy dog! They think they are babies forever. We had a small dog who was very sick and had to be put down. He was so old, but he thought he was a real boy. I should have named him, Pinnochio. (spell?) I would hold him like a baby and he would just melt. Our friends would get a kick out of it.

Many Blessings!!

Dee :)


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