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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Inexpensive and easy to use Vocabulary idea

I use a Webster's Vocabulary Skill Builder in this way:

1. Introduce origin and definition of 4 words of the 8 given in each section. Dictate or copy work for origin and narration.

2. Narrate or copy sentence I get from the book.

3. Narrate of copy sentence I create.

4. Student creates an original sentences for each word.

5. Student creates an original sentences for each word.

Test every 2 weeks, as provided in book and use quizlet for flashcard practice and games.

We'll also Vocabulary Cartoons for some visual fun and the free online visual vocabulary from the website. I'm trying to serve all my learning styles, break the monotony and hopefully make vocabulary as fun as it can be...however fun vocab. can be :)

Michael Thompson has the top 100 words in classical literature list, which might be wonderful. You could easily divide the words, have him look them up and test on Fridays or follow the model above. We are currently using this list for one of my children who is very strong in humanities.

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