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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blog with a Substance Award

Linda at Training 6 Hearts 4 Him and Jesse at Orange Marmalade Mama have kindly bestowed the Blog with a Substance award. This is very complimentary, as both of these blogs are wonderful resources and places where these ladies share a loving heart to serve their families and work hard to well educate their little home schoolers. Thank you both for the props :)

There are two rules:

Sum up my blogging philosophy in 5 words: serve, encourage, educate, explain, appreciate 

Pass this award to five others. 
  1. Julie at 4 Sweet Sisters really does just what her tagline says; she offers a place to create, learn, love and grown and her blog always encourages me that home schooling is about more than academics and how much it matters to manage my home frugally, with love, and for the preparation for my girls as they may someday become wives and mothers, too. 
  2. Jay and Tanya at Take Two Sailing inspires me dually. First, they are both talented writers. I simply love to read everything they write and it soothes my soul because I can "hear" Tanya with each post. This couple and their four wonderful children inspire me with their dedication and sense of adventure -- two things they must sustain while journeying and living on their boat. Lewis and Clark would have loved the adventuresome spirit that lives and breathes in the Hackneys. The only thing I don't enjoy about their blog is the purpose of their blog --- to share their sailing experience --- that means my dear friend is seaside and not nearer to me. Love and miss you, T.
  3. Tracy at 4 Funny Boyz always blogs about the fun stuff. What you might not find is just how rigorously she home schools. She is my local encouragement to reach for academic stars, but to enjoy the journey. She balances her personal goals and family life with finesse, joy, and a deep rooted dose of love and commitment to her 4 funny boyz and her hard working husband. To know her, is to be inspired. 
  4. Laughing Lioness at Golden Grasses is truly the domestic engineer she claims to be! This strong woman of God spins many, many plates and does so with intellect and eloquence. Her blog also reminds me to tend to my own mind -- something I oft' forget and then return to after reading her blog. 
  5. Camille at Little Ducks doesn't even know how much I enjoy her blog and admire her adventures. Ever thought of starting farm life midway through life's journey? Well, Camille and her family are doing it and accomplishing amazing things. Whenever I read her blog, I feel led to the earth, ready to put my hands in the soil and produce. I live secretly imagining I might someday do the same. 
What fun this was! I hope ya'll will find the same joy!


    LaughingLioness said...

    Tina, thank-you so much for your kind words. You made my day and encouraged me greatly!! Blessings to you! Lisa

    Camille said...

    Aww, Tina! Thank you so much. You are so incredibly kind and sweet. Just when I thought about shutting down the blog...Thank you for your encouragement. It really does mean a lot. : )


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