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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

TOG Year 3, Units 3 & 4 memorization pieces

I have coordinated some memorization to go along with TOG3, Units 3&4. Many of you may have completed some of this in your units 1&2 studies. If you would like a MSWord document with each weeks work already formatted for your student to learn from, email me and I'd be happy to send it your way.

Week 19
I'm Nobody! Who are you? by Emily Dickinson
Review The Declaration of Independence from previous unit
The Difference Between Despair by Emily Dickinson

Week 20
Family Memorization – Each member gets a portion of the poem and we will recite it at our Unit Celebration

The Nightingale's Song to the Sick Soldier

LG Stanza 1 (two students will share, but one student could do this, too)

UG Stanza 2

D Stanza 3

R Stanza 4 & 5

Week 21 - 23
LG Abraham Lincoln is My Name
By Abraham Lincoln, a grade school boy
Spend any time reviewing the variety of memorization (bible, poetry, history)

UG/D/R The Gettysburg Address

Week 24 - 28
All: Battle Hymn of the Republic

Week 29
LG partial memorization of The Thirteenth Amendment – frees all slaves
UG/D/R complete memorization of The Thirteenth Amendment – frees all slaves

Week 30
LG complete The Thirteenth Amendment – frees all slaves
UG Bill of Rights Simplified (see selections) (will continue through week 36)
Weeks 30-36
D/R Bill of Rights

LG We Conquer or Die by James Pierpont
UG Bill of Rights Simplified (see selections)

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